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Wizcode releases Data Recovery Mobile

by on Jul 13

Wizcode Data Recovery MobileJuly 13th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com ), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices, announced today the official release of its complete Windows Mobile data recovery solution - Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile.

Data Recovery Mobile is a synthetic product consisting of 3 independent utilities - ScanDisk, Undelete, and Unformat at the extremely competitive price of just $24.95.

Use Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile to:

  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover data from formatted storage cards.
  • Restore lost files and data.
  • Check storage cards for file system logic errors and fix them.
  • Check storage cards for bad sectors and relocate and mark defective sectors as unusable.
The included data recovery modules complete each other and should be used accordingly to the situation:
  • ScanDisk – use to find and fix file system errors, bring back files that have disappeared files, or after a critical lock up when the device had to be rebooted while accessing the storage card.
  • Undelete – use after an accidental deletion of important files and data on the storage card.
  • Unformat – use when a storage card has been accidentally formatted or when Undelete was unable to rescue deleted files or folders.
All Wizcode products come with 30-day fully functional evaluation versions and are backed up with Wizcode's 30-day money back guarantee.

Download your free trial copy of Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile now!
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