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Wizcode unveils new Windows Mobile maintenance product

by Anton Tomov on Jun 07

Wizcode Mobile UpkeeperJune 7, 2007 - Wizcode LLC today announced Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper, a revolutionary new product for Windows Mobile devices. Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is system service that automatically optimizes the performance of the mobile device, cleans system junk, prevents common problems and repairs a great number of specific issues, and enhances the user experience of any Windows Mobile device.

Wizcode LLC is the producer of many best selling Windows Mobile system utilities such as award winning Pocket Mechanic Professional, Pocket Hack Master, Virtual Explorer as well as Pocket Battery Analyzer, Pocket PC Mark, GPRS Keep Alive and Pocket Alarm.

Based on its accumulated experience from previous Windows Mobile maintenance products and the deep knowledge of the internals of the Windows Mobile operating system Wizcode has started work on an original new product called Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper.

Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is based on two basic principles – simplicity and powerful maintenance modules. Unlike many competitor maintenance products Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper does not require technically experienced users in order to function properly.  Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is a zero-maintenance product – once installed it will silently run in background and perform its duties – accelerate, optimize, protect, cleanup, repair, and recommend.

Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is an integrated product that cooperates with other Wizcode products and modules such as Scan Disk, Defragment, Format etc when needed. Moreover, Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is a network-aware application being able to update via Internet and download information regarding new common issues and security or system updates.

Beta testing for Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper starts on June 21st. Applications for beta testing can be submitted from the user control panel.

Comments, feature requests and tech talk are welcome in Wizcode's developer's blog.

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By Jon Ferber on Jun 08, 2007

I am so pleased to see the Anton Tomov group in its new home at Wizcode - best of luck - i am a registered user of both Pocket Mechanic Pro and Hack Master - I am excited about the upgrades and I will install them today…
Hello Mr. Tomov (sic) - I enjoyed your corrospondence with me - you are such a kind getleman regarding my spinal disease and your kind words of support.
The very best to you all at Wizcode.

By Anton Tomov on Jun 08, 2007

Hello Jon,
Thank you for the kind words! In case you have downloaded Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.40 or v2.41 - we updated to v2.42 today, make sure you get this release as the previous two had issues with Safe Mode (WM5 devices only).

Best regards,
Anton Tomov

By Jon Ferber on Jun 08, 2007

Thank you for the info on Pocket Mechanic Pro - I did upload and install the latest version just now and I can’t wait to give you a progress report once I use it a bit - there are very exciting new features.
Jon Ferber

By Anton Tomov on Jun 08, 2007

Hello Jon,
Stay tuned - we will release another major update featuring our new registry cleanup code (that will also be used by Wizcode Upkeeper by the way) next week. Another feature that will show up shortly in Pocket Mechanic is a Windows CE Database viewer module that finally supports WM5/WM6. Other upcoming features are File Undelete and a start-up item manager. Besides that we have just developed code to enhance the UI of all our products with icons supporting transparency and alpha blending + skins. All those new features will be announced in our developer blog shortly smile

Anton Tomov

By malcolm haines on Jun 08, 2007

Hi there
So many updates so fast, you guys are good!
Im wondering if with the Mobile Upkeeper we are not seeing a convergence of several of your products into one (i.e. PHM, PMP and VE together as one program)?



By Anton Tomov on Jun 09, 2007

Hi Malcolm,
Wizcode Upkeeper shares a lot of common code with Pocket Mechanic however Wizcode Upkeeper is not Pocket Mechnaic. The functionality and the way the two applications are used are different. Wizcode Upkeeper is a system service that runs silently in background and basically takes automated decisions while Pocket Mechanic is a very powerfull and complex set of utilitites that all require user intervention.

By Monty Gibson on Jun 09, 2007

Anton, keep me up-to-date and add me to the beta tester list if you haven’t already for all your new products. Thanks! I love this new site and it’s good to see you around more; especially, with awesome updates grin.

Thanks Anton,
Monty Gibson

By Anton Tomov on Jun 09, 2007

Hi Monty,
Thanks for the kind words! You can apply for beta testing by logging into account (click on the “My account” link) and choosing “Beta testing”.

Best regards,

By peacock93 on Jun 22, 2007

Anton, I have been with for a while now and have always loved your products!! It has been a long time since the last PHM update. Is there one coming soon?? Also, I applied to beta test the new Upkeeper, I can’t wait!! Sounds like an awesome app.  I do still miss the forum though :-( Keep up the great work!!!

By asmanthebell on Sep 03, 2007

Hi Anton i have used your software since the beginnign of time and its awesome this new software sounds great looking forward i have applied for testing but got one message saying delayed till the 27th of august just hope im still part of it. thanks Again Aaron

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