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Wizcode Storage Tools Review - SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine

by on Jun 04

SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine reviews Wizcode Storage Tools ReviewNate-Adcock has performed a detailed review and tests of Wizcode Storage Tools - ScanDisk Mobile, Undelete Mobile and Defragment Mobile on SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine's web site.

"If you change the data on your cards frequently as I do, you will eventually find that file system access (even via file explorer for example) becomes slower as an ever larger number of directories and files are populated. Cards are also prone to becoming corrupted from the frequent moving around from device-to-device (digital camera, PDA, computer). This is usually perceived as a hang of file listings and missing/corrupt data or unusable space (i.e. space shows as available, but unable to write anything to it). I have yet to find a tool that reliably fixes these problems, but it would be nice to have one on the device itself. Mounting storage media in Windows is often problematic all on it's own. Whenever you move data around on a disk, you risk possibly corrupting it."

"The Undelete product worked as advertised. You can reliably restore deleted files using this tool."

"Finally tested the latest versions and confirmed that the scanner and defrag utilities are fully functional. I was able to defrag one of my cards that was heavily reported to be fragmented successfully. I recommend these products and commend the vendor for being very responsive to these tests and quickly developing a patch to fix any issues. However, you should always download a trial of any mobile software and test it with your device to be sure it will work for you."

Read the full review.

Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of platforms and network enviroments. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate has worked extensively with the Windows Mobile OS and handhelds for several years. In addiction to maintaining his own hobbyist blog (natescrap.blogspot.com), he is a regular contributor to the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Blogs and is an expert judge for our Best Software Awards.

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