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Wizcode releases Undelete for Windows Mobile

by on Mar 12

Wizcode Undelete MobileMarch 12th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices, announced today the official release of it's new data recovery application for Windows Mobile - Wizcode Undelete Mobile.

Undelete Mobile is the first in it's class data recovery product for Pocket PCs that can recover deleted files and data from storage cards. Undelete Mobile understands the internals of the file system used to store files on a storage card (the FAT file system), and uses this knowledge to locate the storage card space that was occupied by a deleted file and restore the file data.

Wizcode Undelete Mobile can recover deleted files from any storage card visible by the mobile device host OS when files were:

  • Deleted without using recycle bin*.
  • Removed by virus attack, malware, power failure or system crash.
  • Removed when recycle bin has been emptied.

*Files deleted with a file shredder like the one featured in Virtual Explorer cannot be recovered.

The application could not be easier to use - all that should be done to recover deleted data is just to start Undelete Mobile, select the storage card where the deleted files are, and choose the files to recover.

Undelete Mobile is the first application built upon the recently announced frameworks developed by Wizcode - Evolution, Phoenix, and FATFS.


 Wizcode Undelete Mobile includes the following features:

  • Recovers deleted files from storage cards.
  • Recovers the original filename and folder path.
  • Recursively rescans deleted folders and recovers contained files.
  • Recovers multiple files in one click.
  • Restores the original creation and modification dates.
  • Supports Unicode filenames.
  • Restores both short and long file names.
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.
  • Visible representation of file/folder recoverability.
  • Recovers data straight on your Windows Mobile device, no desktop machine required.
  • Supports both solid state storage card (flash memory) and micro drives.


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