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Wizcode releases Data Recovery Mobile

by on Jul 13

Wizcode Data Recovery MobileJuly 13th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com ), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices, announced today the official release of its complete Windows Mobile data recovery solution - Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile.

Data Recovery Mobile is a synthetic product consisting of 3 independent utilities - ScanDisk, Undelete, and Unformat at the extremely competitive price of just $24.95.

Use Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile to:

  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover data from formatted storage cards.
  • Restore lost files and data.
  • Check storage cards for file system logic errors and fix them.
  • Check storage cards for bad sectors and relocate and mark defective sectors as unusable.
The included data recovery modules complete each other and should be used accordingly to the situation:
  • ScanDisk – use to find and fix file system errors, bring back files that have disappeared files, or after a critical lock up when the device had to be rebooted while accessing the storage card.
  • Undelete – use after an accidental deletion of important files and data on the storage card.
  • Unformat – use when a storage card has been accidentally formatted or when Undelete was unable to rescue deleted files or folders.
All Wizcode products come with 30-day fully functional evaluation versions and are backed up with Wizcode's 30-day money back guarantee.

Download your free trial copy of Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile now!
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By Pth on Aug 04, 2009

As an engineer I read with interest your comments Flash Memory Fragmentation – Myths and Facts. I forwarded a link to my team leader who then replied

“Flash normally has special controllers that decide where to store what. These controllers are proprietary and not programmable from the outside. You cannot “defrag” a flash, unless you control this controller. I think the defrag tool is doing neither harm nor good.”

I would be interested in your reply to his statement.

By Anton Tomov on Aug 04, 2009

Hi Peter,
We have published a very detailed article explaining why fragmentation affects solid state drives. It presents facts and explains why fragmentation is bad for flash memory based on straight logic and facts. If you see a flaw in our logic please be more specific and tell me which part of the article you do not agree with. Can you ask your “team leader” to answer a very simple questions:

Is it slower to write 20 flash blocks instead of 1?

Is it slower to write to a file that spreads over 20 fragmented blocks vs. a file that fits inside a single block?

When he does, please post his answers here. Cheers.

By Pth on Aug 05, 2009

Sorry, I couldn’t see how the replying questions relate to the comment???

I’m told that flash controllers don’t work (offer low-level/primitive functions) as magnetic storage controllers do (which is what I’mfamiliar with) so similiar because of media life (max. flash-writecycles), so there is some careful page management by the controller. He claimed it would not be known exactly ‘where’ a flash controller has put the data.

Then I put the question to him “would a mobile phone use such a controller?” adding that phone manufacturers would not bother with flash life since the phone will be binned (exchanged) in a short time anway and users quickly upgrade to ‘bigger & better’ media.

Nevertheless, there’s much agreed to your article and good points raised in it.

I am trialing the defragger with a serious intention to buy because I use my phone’s storgae media a lot, a hell of a lot (via ActiveSync, USB-connection and Internet transfers etc). So I’m expecting a lot of fragmentation to occur on my ‘drive’.

At the moment it seems to get ‘stuck’ while ‘Folder sorting’ with GoogleMaps but I would like to check the drive for errors first! I do enjoy the easy interface. Will it have a drive check function one day.


PS. My industry is Avionics which does use Flash drives (not by my part) but perhaps these are on another plane (no pun intended) compared to mobile phones.

By Anton Tomov on Aug 05, 2009

Hi Peter,
Indeed solid state memory controllers do not work the way magnetic storage controllers do (I am familiar with the latter because I was involved in writing the firmware of such a controller some time ago). Indeed you cannot be sure where a flash page will be written. The defragmenter does not rely on the information at all, it tries to keep files aligned to flash block boundaries and also tries to keep small files in a single block to increase performance.

Again following my example imagine a Word file that is 22KB long. On a file system using 1K cluster this file will occupy 22 clusters. If the file is fragmented, the worst case scenario is that all clusters will be placed in different blocks. If the file is not fragmented all files will fit inside a single flash page.

An attempt to rewrite the file data will result in 22 block operations in the first case and just 1 in the second. It is obvious that the second case should be much faster than the first.

By the way besides file defragmentation, Wizcode Defragment Mobile can also:

1) Reorder directory entries - should speed up more apps that list files like the file explorer
2) FlashBoost - will align smaller files with flash blocks

Finally, companies like Pepsi or 3M use our defragmenter on thousands of devices used to manage their logistics. They have determined that fragmentation causes serious performance degradation and contacted us for a solution. They have been using it for more than 4 years and are still continuing getting more licenses. TomTom officially recommend defragmenting your flash cards for best navigation performance.

P.S. Avionics sounds like lots of fun! smile I was very close to getting a pilot’s license last year, still thinking about it!

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