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Wizcode announces Happy Mobile Holidays promotion

by Anton Tomov on Dec 15

Wizcode Christmas Promotion Save 30%

The Holiday Season is again upon us... Each year around this time we announce our biggest and most popular Christmas promotion to say thanks to all dedicated users that visit our web site, participate in the discussions and polls and use our products.

This year our Happy Holidays promotion is offering exclusive 30% off the retail pricese discounts for our best selling products - Pocket Mechanic Professional, Virtual Explorer, Pocket Hack Master and Pocket Alarm.


Login to your account and click on the Special offers link to access the promotions.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Anton Tomov
Wizcode LLC founder and CEO

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By Nikia on Dec 25, 2007

I just downloaded pocket mechanic today. I originaly downloaded it to uninstall some programs that windows mobile 6 would not uninstall using it’s integrated software. After it completed the uninstall I started to use the other features it had. OMG this is a great program from any pocket pc user. GET IT NOW!!

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