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The next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional discussion

by Anton Tomov on Dec 06

Wizcode LLC has always been dedicated to creating user-centric products. We believe that in order to create a good product we need involvement and feedback from the users of that product. Pocket Mechanic Professional is now considered a veteran Pocket PC application but we are not and will never be satisfied with the number of features, usability and performance and we declare our intention to develop more modules, add more features to existing modules, and improve the product in every possible way.


We therefore ask you, our community, to voice a clear and quantified message about future versions of Pocket Mechanic Professional directly to the developers of the application. Please post your feedback and suggestions, vote for new features, and actively participate in the life cycle of the next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional.


Are there any new features you would like to see in the product? Which are the most important to you? Do you think pricing is right for this product? Would you prefer to buy cheaper separate modules instead of paying the full price for the entire set of utilities?


We will randomly choose 5 lucky persons who replied to this post on Christmas day and will send them free licenses for the application or any other application Wizcode produced.


Good luck and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!



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By Monty Gibson on Dec 09, 2007


As a long time friend, beta tester and user of Pocket Mechanic Pro I would like to see some of the following “changes” and possible “improvements”:

-Overall increase in speed for clearing “junk”
-The ability to “repair” ActiveSync or WMDC sync issues
-A possible “backup utility module” with better compression than .zip standard
-The ability to safely backup and secure all DRM components that already exist on storage cards and devices
-Clear phone logs
-SIM card cleaner for duplicates, etc.
-Incorporate system “tweaks” that are normally hidden from the common user such as: menu reveals; etc.
-Module that will clean all history of opened documents and recently used programs at the top of the start menu
-Some type of way to “force” WM6 to allocate more memory to programs instead of storage use
-A “one button” feature that performs ALL functions at once such as compress and defragment RAM, clean pocket pc junk files, and the mentioned above.
-A new icon for Pocket Mechanic Pro that does not have a white but clear background grin that blends into themes such as a .png or .tga?
-Format module with options such as: Format for Movies, Format for Pictures, Format for Documents, Format for Music, etc…

The most important modules for me are:

-Clean Module
-Uninstall (somtimes it does not work properly)
-Notification Queue
-New Outlook Module is cool!

Thanks Anton! Keep up the great work and to those at Wizcode!

-Monty Gibson
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By Danny O'Neill on Dec 24, 2007

Pocket Mechanic is a must have for me and the price is just right. The problem is people see the app as a mobile app and the price needs to reflect this. Charging the same as a desktop app will always be hard.

For me the imporant modules are Defrag, system cleanup and the new Outlook module. Everytime Ive used the Uninstall it has never worked and fails.

A new feature I would like is a basic mode, Where you simply click the one option and it goes through a pre-set wizard of recommeneded options in a pre-set order, like the file system cleanup, then fix shortcuts, disk check and a final defrag. I would like the advanced mode to be the more familiar screen we have now and in here you can also control what the one touch option does. so I can select what modules it runs and in what order.

I think with this you can then market it at non techies as at the moment most have no idea what a degrag is or why they should run anything so dont bother. But if you have an option which pretty much says “Run this, it cleans up and fixes stuff” you can aim at a whole new market.

A schedual so this runs at night and reboots. I would love my device to clean itself and reboot each night. It would need to check the battery level so it doesnt start doing things if the battery is low.

The ability to customize the interface to hide modules you dont use. I never used the large folders search or storage cache (for some reason on the Artemis you can set the options but the OK button is always greyed out).

I was thinking pre-set registry hacks but I think thats better suited to PHM as this is a maintenance and cleanup util really.

By Nikia on Dec 25, 2007

As I just posted in another blog, I just downloaded this software today. I Wanted this software to uninstall some programs that windows mobile integrated software will not uninstall. After completing my first tast I started using the other features it offered. From disk finding invalid shortcuts to file system cleanup, this programis very usefull not only for the power users but for anyone with a pcoket pc.

By Danny O'Neill on Dec 26, 2007

Im also suprised at the 30 day trial, thats a long time as you can pretty much use all its features in a few minutes. I Can imagine a lot of people use it only the once to defrag or get their house in order then dont buy.

Yes its useful again and again but most will use it the once. I would thing a demo mode that does the scanning but doenst fix. So it shows just how much it could improve things so they have an incentive to buy.

Pocket HAck master I can see the use in a trial period. 30 days is good, people get used to it, like it and forget its a demo, then after 30 days they NEED it so purchase.

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