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Pocket Alarm v2.18 w/ German voice released

by Anton Tomov on Jun 06

Pocket Alarm has been updated to v2.18. The new release adds German voice support. The new version can be download from Wizcode's server.Upgrades are free to registered users. The change log for the new version can be found in Wizcode's developer blog. All comments and suggestions are as always welcome.
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By Merlin on Jun 09, 2007

Hi Anton.
Will Pocket Alarm add recurring alarms to my appointments?

By Anton Tomov on Jun 09, 2007

Hello Merlin,
Pocket Alarm supports all types off recurring alarms and appointments. Please download the fully functional 30-day trial and give it a try.

Best regards,
Anton Tomov

By pintux on Jul 12, 2007

In Pocket Alarm, can I set the snooze to be always 5 minutes.  I want to alarm view to be set to list, but the default snooze time to be 5 minutes (instead of 1 minute that the alarm shows).  Of course, when the alarm rings, one could select the 5 minute option in the list - but hey that would mean I am awake…

So teh qquestion is - I want to have a default snooze time of 5 minutes, and should be able to tap anywhere on the screen ( except the cancel button) to go back to snooze.

Any help appreciated.  Cheers.

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