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Pocket Hack Master updated with S3C2442B support

by Anton Tomov on Nov 20

November 20th, 2007 – Wizcode LLC , the leading producer of Windows Mobile applications announced today a major new update of the best selling application Pocket Hack Master winner of the Smart Phone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007 in the category of Overclocking and Speed boosting.


The new release adds official support for the Samsung S3C2442B processor used in devices such as the Eten Glowfish X800 or the Samsung SCH-i760.


Upgrades are free to registered users of the application. Unregistered users are encouraged to download a free 30-day trial version. 

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By gambit2007 on Nov 25, 2007

I’m a user of Glofiish X800 (Samsung S3C2442B processor) . So I hoped v4.30 is for me.
I’ve downloaded from this site & installed this Pocket Hack Master (PHM) to test it.
Being started this program displayed a real CPU freq and some multipliers. As I can recall that were CPU 500Mhz, HCLK 62 & PCLK 31. But now I’m not so sure alredy.
It’s unpleasant but the program had not offered freq’s above 450Mhz, although it’s written a full maintanance of S3C2442B processor that runs 500Mhz nominally.
The other multipliers were not shown and it’s unclear to me how can I determine that how PHM has calculated the 500Mhz freq.
Essentially I’ve tried to test the freq-changing.
But have I even changed the factory freq I can’t now get the factory CPU freq back. The device works very unstable - or flashreader fails, or usb fails and so on.
Now I have 369Mhz instead of 500 with HCLK 62 PCLK 31.
Uninstalling the program never helps.
I guess the program switches something in hardware and does not apply freq-changes at the startup, as is waitfull and I thought. Soft Reset doesnt help too.

So, my question is HOW can I get the freq back to defolt?
Please write the right values for PHM to get the proper 500Mhz with the other on-board devices working.
I want for my Glofiish X800 (S3C2442B processor) get proper:
HCLK3_HALF (checkpoint) ?
HCLK4_HALF (checkpoint) ?
Bus mode (fast, sync, async) ?
voltage ?

OR the other way to restore my device.

With the hope on you, Anton

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