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Pocket Hack Master is a WINNER of the Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007

by Anton Tomov on Nov 16

Pocket Hack Master - Winner of the Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007November 16th, 2007 – Pocket Hack Master, one of the best selling Windows Mobile applications produced by the leading software publisher Wizcode LLC has been announced WINNER of the Smartphone & PocketPC MagazineBest Software for Pocket PC 2007“ Award.


Pocket Hack Master has been recognized as a winner of the “Overclocking & Speed boosting” nomination and declared as the best application in its class by the Pocket PC Magazine board of experts. Since its first release more than 5 years ago Pocket Hack Master has won many prestigious awards including Handango People’s Choice Awards Winner, Handango Best Productivity Application Winner 2004, Microsoft Mobile Solutions Challenge 2003 Finalist and has been nominated 5 times for the annual Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards.


Pocket Hack Master is a revolutionary application for Pocket PC that dynamically scales the processor's frequency and/or voltage to dramatically improve the battery life and responsiveness of your Windows Mobile PDA.


Unregistered users of the application are encouraged to download a free 30-day trial version of Pocket Hack Master.
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