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Wizcode releases Phoenix and FATFS libraries

by on Oct 01

Wizcode development labsOctober 1st, 2008 - - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices announced today the official release of two new C++ libraries - the Phoenix Data Recovery for Windows Mobile library  and the FATFS API library.


The FATFS library provides application developers with a set of robust and highly efficient code for low-level access to storage cards on Pocket PC devices allowing managment of the FAT file system, the FAT tables, internal file system structures, and sector-level access.


Phoenix is a C++ framework that can be used for building advanced data recovery applications for Windows Mobile Devices. Features include ScanDisk (FAT file system error recovery), File Undelete (recovering deleted files and folders from FAT formatted storage cards), Unformat (zero-assumption based data recovery of more than 100 file formats that can recover data even from formatted media), and Media Surface Data Recovery (bad sector/cluster recovery).


Both libraries are based on Wizcode's extensive depth of knowledge and expertise in low-level FAT access and data recovery and company's leadership in this specific area.


Wizcode is also proud to announce a new product line based on the new libraries and its Evolution Framework:

  • Wizcode Scan Disk Mobile - check Pocket PC storage cards for problems and automatically fix them. Recover bad sectors from defective media.
  • Wizcode Undelete Mobile - recover accidentally deleted files from storage card for Pocket PCs.
  • Wizcode Unformat Mobile - recover photos and images, documents and emails, files and data from severely damaged or formatted storage cards.
  • Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile - the Swiss Army knife of storage card recovery for Windows Mobile Devices.

Beta testing timelines for each product will be announced shortly.

We are posting some preliminary screenshots of the upocoming products below:



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The next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional discussion

by Anton Tomov on Dec 06

Wizcode LLC has always been dedicated to creating user-centric products. We believe that in order to create a good product we need involvement and feedback from the users of that product. Pocket Mechanic Professional is now considered a veteran Pocket PC application but we are not and will never be satisfied with the number of features, usability and performance and we declare our intention to develop more modules, add more features to existing modules, and improve the product in every possible way.


We therefore ask you, our community, to voice a clear and quantified message about future versions of Pocket Mechanic Professional directly to the developers of the application. Please post your feedback and suggestions, vote for new features, and actively participate in the life cycle of the next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional.


Are there any new features you would like to see in the product? Which are the most important to you? Do you think pricing is right for this product? Would you prefer to buy cheaper separate modules instead of paying the full price for the entire set of utilities?


We will randomly choose 5 lucky persons who replied to this post on Christmas day and will send them free licenses for the application or any other application Wizcode produced.


Good luck and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!



Wizcode | Bright ideas for a mobile world 

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Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 Release Candidate announced

by Anton Tomov on Nov 21

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 by WizcodeNovember 21st, 2007 - Wizcode LLC announced today the release of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 Release Candidate. If no major bugs or issues are found in this release, it will be renamed and become Journal Bar for Symbian. Beta testing will be closed on December 1st, 2007.


The binary of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 RC can be downloaded here. Read the change log for more details. Please note that this release will only work on UIQ 3 devices such as the Sony Ericsson M600, P1, P990, and W950 or the Motorola Motorizr Z10 or RIZR Z8.


The Release Candidate of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 2 will be announced shortly as well.


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Win a license for Pocket Hack Master

by Anton Tomov on Aug 26

Wizcode LLC is giving away 10 (ten) licenses for Pocket Hack Master. To participate in the giveaway please post at least one working Pocket Hack Master speed setting in our developer blog related post here.


The data submitted will be used by our development team in the upcoming Pocket Hack Master v5.


On September 9th 2007 we will pick 10 winners randomly from the entries. Please, only post once in this thread or be disqualified.



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Wizcode unveils new Windows Mobile maintenance product

by Anton Tomov on Jun 07

Wizcode Mobile UpkeeperJune 7, 2007 - Wizcode LLC today announced Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper, a revolutionary new product for Windows Mobile devices. Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper is system service that automatically optimizes the performance of the mobile device, cleans system junk, prevents common problems and repairs a great number of specific issues, and enhances the user experience of any Windows Mobile device.

Wizcode LLC is the producer of many best selling Windows Mobile system utilities such as award winning Pocket Mechanic Professional, Pocket Hack Master, Virtual Explorer as well as Pocket Battery Analyzer, Pocket PC Mark, GPRS Keep Alive and Pocket Alarm.


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Wizcode announces beta testing for Journal Bar Symbian

by Anton Tomov on May 31

img0002_1Wizcode is looking for beta testers for the upcoming Journal Bar for Symbian devices.

Journal Bar gets Weather, News, Stocks and more and puts it right on your Symbian phone! Simply install, enter your location then let Journal Bar put all the best web pages & information automatically.


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Wizcode announces Pocket Hack Master v5

by Anton Tomov on May 21

phm_v5Wizcode reveals plans to release the next generation of its best seller and award winning product Pocket Hack Master .

Pocket Hack Master v5 features close OS integration, support for all major processor families, separated kernel from the user interface for increased robustness and small memory footprint, new AI code that minimizes the complex configuration of the product, and official Windows Mobile 6 support.


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