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Wizcode releases Data Recovery Mobile

by on Jul 13

Wizcode Data Recovery MobileJuly 13th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com ), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices, announced today the official release of its complete Windows Mobile data recovery solution - Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile.

Data Recovery Mobile is a synthetic product consisting of 3 independent utilities - ScanDisk, Undelete, and Unformat at the extremely competitive price of just $24.95.

Use Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile to:

  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover data from formatted storage cards.
  • Restore lost files and data.
  • Check storage cards for file system logic errors and fix them.
  • Check storage cards for bad sectors and relocate and mark defective sectors as unusable.
The included data recovery modules complete each other and should be used accordingly to the situation:
  • ScanDisk – use to find and fix file system errors, bring back files that have disappeared files, or after a critical lock up when the device had to be rebooted while accessing the storage card.
  • Undelete – use after an accidental deletion of important files and data on the storage card.
  • Unformat – use when a storage card has been accidentally formatted or when Undelete was unable to rescue deleted files or folders.
All Wizcode products come with 30-day fully functional evaluation versions and are backed up with Wizcode's 30-day money back guarantee.

Download your free trial copy of Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile now!
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Wizcode Unformat Mobile officially released

by on Jul 09

Wizcode Unformat Mobile data recoveryJuly 9th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC (http://www.wizcode.com), the leading publisher of software for mobile devices, announced today the official release of its latest data recovery software for Windows Mobile devices - Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

With Unformat Mobile you can bring back deleted or lost files, rescue data from formatted or even damaged storage cards.

Unformat Mobile works by scanning the entire flash card sector by sector and analyzing the information from each sector. More than 180 file types are recognized and file system structures like folders and directory entries are taken into account. This data recovery process is highly effective especially whenever the file system has not been fragmented. It can rescue most of the data even from a formatted volume.

Use Unformat Mobile to:

  • Recover deleted files.
  • Recover lost files.
  • Recover files from volumes with file system erros.
  • Recover files from formatted cards.
  • Recover data left from prior formats.
Unformat Mobile is your last line of defense against data loss. If utilities like Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile or Wizcode Undelete Mobile are unable to bring back your files, you should try Unformat Mobile.
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