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Pocket Mechanic reviewed on Eten Blog Dot Com

by Anton Tomov on Dec 26

December 26th, 2007 - Tariq Bamadhaj published an excellent review of Pocket Mechanic Professional on Eten Blog Dot Com.


"With the amount of ROM (or main memory as some prefer to call it) being so small on many Pocket PCs, a lot of use have resorted to using a large capacity memory card to store our installed programs and other files. The problem that many of us do not realize is that as the capacities get larger, the amount of fragmentation increases to a point that you would notice a device slowdown. I used to think that this was due to the amount of junk in my main memory and doing a hard reset every once in a while would solved it. Boy, was I wrong!"


Read the full review here.

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Wizcode announces Happy Mobile Holidays promotion

by Anton Tomov on Dec 15

Wizcode Christmas Promotion Save 30%

The Holiday Season is again upon us... Each year around this time we announce our biggest and most popular Christmas promotion to say thanks to all dedicated users that visit our web site, participate in the discussions and polls and use our products.

This year our Happy Holidays promotion is offering exclusive 30% off the retail pricese discounts for our best selling products - Pocket Mechanic Professional, Virtual Explorer, Pocket Hack Master and Pocket Alarm.



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The next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional discussion

by Anton Tomov on Dec 06

Wizcode LLC has always been dedicated to creating user-centric products. We believe that in order to create a good product we need involvement and feedback from the users of that product. Pocket Mechanic Professional is now considered a veteran Pocket PC application but we are not and will never be satisfied with the number of features, usability and performance and we declare our intention to develop more modules, add more features to existing modules, and improve the product in every possible way.


We therefore ask you, our community, to voice a clear and quantified message about future versions of Pocket Mechanic Professional directly to the developers of the application. Please post your feedback and suggestions, vote for new features, and actively participate in the life cycle of the next-generation Pocket Mechanic Professional.


Are there any new features you would like to see in the product? Which are the most important to you? Do you think pricing is right for this product? Would you prefer to buy cheaper separate modules instead of paying the full price for the entire set of utilities?


We will randomly choose 5 lucky persons who replied to this post on Christmas day and will send them free licenses for the application or any other application Wizcode produced.


Good luck and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!



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