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Win a license for Pocket Hack Master

by Anton Tomov on Aug 26

Wizcode LLC is giving away 10 (ten) licenses for Pocket Hack Master. To participate in the giveaway please post at least one working Pocket Hack Master speed setting in our developer blog related post here.


The data submitted will be used by our development team in the upcoming Pocket Hack Master v5.


On September 9th 2007 we will pick 10 winners randomly from the entries. Please, only post once in this thread or be disqualified.



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Pocket Hack Master speed configuration guide

by Anton Tomov on Aug 21

Speed settings are an essential part of Pocket Hack Master's successful configuration. A speed setting is a set of parameters used to fully describe a unique combination of CPU, memory, display and other peripheral clocks. Different processor families have different set of parameters.


In our example we will be configuring a device with an Intel XScale Bulverde PXA270 processor. The Speed configuration module of Pocket Hack Master is used to configure the speed settings.


Read the full guide here... 

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Relocate data to storage cards guide

by Anton Tomov on Aug 16

Relocate data to storage cardsLast week, we discussed the best practices when it comes to relocating your software from the internal memory to a (often) much bigger storage card.


This week, we will look at how you can utilize Pocket Mechanic Professional to relocate some (or all) of the data that is stored in your device.



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August exclusive 30% off promo offer

by Anton Tomov on Aug 14

Discount, special offer, Pocket Mechanic Professional, Pocket Hack Master, Virtual Explorer, Pocket AlarmWizcode is happy to offer an exclusive promo offer to all registered users. Use the Special offers link in the control panel of the My account section to buy Pocket Mechanic Professional, Virtual Explorer, Pocket Hack Master and Pocket Alarm and save 30% of the suggested retail price of our best sellers!


This is a limited time offer (ends on August 22nd) and is subject to change without notice.

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Wizcode releases Pocket Mechanic Professional for WM6

by Anton Tomov on Aug 14

August 14th, 2007 - Wizcode LLC released a new and updated version of the best selling utility for Windows Mobile devices - Pocket Mechanic Professional. The new v2.61 release adds official support for Windows Mobile 6 devices. Pocket Mechanic Professional has been nominated for the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007 in the category "Utilities, Multifunctional maintenance tools".


Download a free trial or upgrade your registered copy of Pocket Mechanic Professional here.

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Relocate software to storage cards guide

by Anton Tomov on Aug 09

articles_guidesMany owners of Pocket Mechanic Professional are not aware of the powerful capabilities of the “Relocate” module included in the product. Kerim Satirli has written an excellent article on how you can move installed applications from RAM to storage cards to free up memory on your device. You can find the first part of it in our new Articles and guides section.

Expect more guides and how-to articles on how to use our products and increase your productivity soon. If you wish to help us by sending an article or guide that you have written you can do that from your User control panel.

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Wizcode receives 3 nominations for PPC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007

by Anton Tomov on Aug 07




Wizcode received 3 nominations for the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007:
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