Wizcode was founded in 2001. We now have more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

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We offer products, technology components and complete end-user solutions

Our consulting services

We have a vast repertoire of products and solutions that have been developed over the years. We offer products, technology components and complete end-user solutions that enable people to use handheld evices for mobile data communications, productivity applications, Instant Messaging and entertainment.

We offer platform software engineering services, ranging from HAL adaptation to device driver development. We are experts in power management, removable media, wireless communications, file systems, low-level CPU and board programming, speech synthesis and recognition, system configuration and personalization, game graphics and multimedia. Other development capabilities include porting and development, UI customization and other system level software.

Our engineers consult on Smartphone, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian, RIM and Embedded Linux development projects, bringing knowledge and experience to everything from scoping and architecture specification to testing and security strategies. They can help you see both the big picture and the small details that make a mobile device successful in today's market.

We are also experts at scoping your project correctly and at pointing out potential pitfalls lurking in your way. Early identification and resolution of problems, combined with risk-mitigation strategies, saves time and money.

Our consultants keep your project on track with industry best practices, including source code control, bug tracking tools, automated build processes, and our proven time tracking methodology. We can even help you adapt your existing mobile development and test environment, making it more effective for Smartphone, Pocket PC or other mobile projects.

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