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Wizcode Evolution Framework

Powerful application development framework for Windows Mobile


Wizcode Evolution is a comprehensive C++ Windows Mobile platform framework that allows rapid development of high-performance, rich user interface and fully featured applications for Windows CE / Pocket PC.


Evolution provides a large amount of features and is still remarkably easy to use. It integrates well with existing development environments, toolkits and frameworks. Evolution dramatically reduces the time required for initial project setup and configuration, application development and deployment. With Evolution developers can focus on high priority application specific business logic and features. Evolution has been internally developed by Wizcode LLC - leading producer of software for Windows Mobile devices for internal use in Wizcode.


Application templates


Evolution comes with predefined templates that allow rapid application development. The templates contain common code and resources that are shared among all applications. It takes on average more than one third of the effort for developing a Windows Mobile application from scratch. With Evolution creating a new application is as simple as using a template and editing a configuration file. Evolution allows rapid application development by allowing software engineers to focus on important features and greatly reduces time-to-market of mobile products.


Shared components


All Evolution based applications share the common code of the framework. Components, the building blocks of Evolution, are robust and well tested code snippets that wrap frequently used functionality. Examples of such components are user interface controls, file and registry modules, memory managers, configuration and settings, storage card access, error reporting, application debugging just to name a few.


Shared common code also means less software defects, robust and efficient code, easier application maintenance and support.


User interface components


Evolution dramatically improves the user interface of applications by replacing the standard WIN32 controls and introducing new specific features. Elements like dialog buttons, progress controls, list controls, menus, hour glasses, application dialogs and other user interface components are greatly enhanced with new functionality and better look and feel. Applications developed with Evolution can take advantage of full 32 bit color support including 8 bit alpha channel for transparency effects - a long anticipated and missing feature of the Windows CE platform. Multi-screen resolution support with on-the-fly rotation, skinned buttons, finger navigation application shell, superior message boxes and common controls are just a few of the features worth mentioning.


File system helpers


Evolution contains powerful code for managing the file system of a Windows CE device. Features include enumerators, text file management, file statistics, file operations, file name manipulation, and file collection containers.


Configuration management


Evolution provides applications with a common interface for managing application settings. Both application level and user profile settings are supported, as well as configuration domains. Settings can be persisted to the Windows CE registry, .INI files or other storages.


Debugging and diagnostics


Evolution contains code for debugging applications and managing software defects like log file support, memory allocation reference counting, and extensive error reporting built-in all common classes.

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