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Phoenix Data Recovery for Windows Mobile

Data recovery application framework for Windows Mobile


Wizcode Phoenix is an efficient C++ library that can be used in the development of data-recovery applications running on Microsoft Windows Mobile devices. Features include ScanDisk, file undelete, media surface error recovery, and zero-assumption data recovery of storage devices using the FAT file system.

Phoenix works in conjunction with the Wizcode FATFS library which provides low-level access and helper functions needed to manage storage devices, logical FAT volumes, and a powerful cache layer for greatly increased performance.

Phoenix has been developed by Wizcode LLC – leading producer of software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.


ScanDisk – finds and corrects logical and physical errors on a storage card using the FAT file system. Logical errors that are detected are cross-linked files, lost clusters, file allocation table mismatch, FAT inconsistency errors, invalid clusters, and directory entry errors. In addition, this module can optionally scan a volume for bad sectors and attempt their recovery.

Undelete files – scans a FAT file system volume for deleted files and attempts their recovery.

Zero-assumption data recovery – highly effective method of recovering data from storage devices that is able to recover files from seriously damaged file systems or even formatted storage cards.

Worker class separation – the worker code is completely separated from the user interface code. Callbacks are used to send various notification events back to the user interface

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