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Application frameworks, components, code, research and development for mobile devices

Wizcode Evolution Framework

Powerful application development framework for Windows Mobile

Wizcode Evolution is a comprehensive C++ Windows Mobile platform framework that allows rapid development of high-performance, rich user interface and fully featured applications for Windows CE / Pocket PC.

Phoenix Data Recovery for Windows Mobile

Data recovery application framework for Windows Mobile

Phoenix is a set of high-performance C++ classes that can be used for building advanced data recovery Windows Mobile applications. Features include FAT file system recovery, deleted file recovery and zero assumption data recovery of storage media utilizing the FAT32/16/12 file system.

FAT File System API

Low-leve FAT file system access for Windows Mobile devices

Wizcode FATFS API is a robust C++ library that provides developers with low-level access to FAT formatted storage devices in their Windows Mobile applications. Features include low-level sector access to device drivers, cluster access to logical partitions, management of the boot sector and the backup boot sector, the partition tables, the file allocation tables, FAT directory entries, and FAT logical organization. Built-in transparent cache layers dramatically improve FAT and cluster chain access.