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Unformat Mobile

Version 1.02, last updated on Dec 06, 2010

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Forensic data recovery for Windows Mobile - bring back deleted or lost files, rescue data from formatted or even damaged storage cards

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Unformat Mobile

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Wizcode Unformat Mobile is a complete, inexpensive data recovery solution for Windows Mobile devices that is able to recover lost, deleted or damaged files and data from all major storage cards.

Use Unformat Mobile to:

  • Recover deleted files.
  • Recover lost files.
  • Recover files from volumes with file system erros.
  • Recover files from formatted cards.
  • Recover data left from prior formats.

Unformat Mobile works by scanning the entire flash card sector by sector and analyzing the information from each sector. More than 180 file types are recognized and file system structures like folders and directory entries are taken into account. This data recovery process is highly effective especially whenever the file system has not been fragmented. It can rescue most of the data even from a formatted volume.

Unformat Mobile is your last line of defense against data loss. If utilities like Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile or Wizcode Undelete Mobile are unable to bring back your files, you should try Unformat Mobile.

  • Supports all major storage card types.
  • Supports all FAT file systems - FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • Identifies 180+ different file types.
  • Can rescue data even from formatted cards.
  • Can restore files on another storage card or in main memory.
  • Supports WM2003, WM5 and WM6 Pocket PC touch screen devices.

Supported Windows CE versions:
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 2003 / Second edition

Supported screen resolutions:

  • WVGA portrait (800x480)
  • WVGA landscape (480x800)
  • VGA portrait (640x480)
  • VGA landscape (480x640)
  • QVGA portrait (320x240)
  • QVGA landscape (240x320)
  • Square (240x240)
  • Square Hi-res (480x480)