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PocketPC Mark

Version 1.03, last updated on Jan 20, 2004

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The industry-standard Windows Mobile and Pocket PC benchmarking utility used by PocketPC Magazine

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PocketPC Mark

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PocketPC Mark is a benchmarking utility for Pocket PCs. Currently the following modules are implemented:
  • Memory and cache latency and bandwith benchmark (NEW!)
  • CPU Dhrystone Benchmark (CPU Integer performance)
  • CPU Whetstone Benchmark (CPU Float performance)
  • Memory Speed Benchmark (Memory bus bandwith benchmark)
  • File System Benchmark (Benchmarks the RAM File System performance)
  • Storage Cards Benchmark (Benchmarks the performance of the storagce cards installed including iPAQ File Store)
  • Graphics Benchmark (Benchmarks the Windows CE graphics library

PocketPC Mark has a modular structure that allows more benchmarks to be added in the future. The user selects the desired benchmark from the menu and PocketPC Mark executes this benchmark. Each benchmark consists of several smaller tests that will be used to form the final benchmark result. When the benchmark is completed, a result comparison window will pop up and will allow you to compare your performance against other devices performance. Also a details window will show the detailed results of all the tests that formed the benchmark.

Comprehensive benchmark suite for the Pocket PC

"For those of you wanting to squeeze the most speed out of your XScale Pocket PC, you've most likely heard of Pocket Hack Master by Anton Tomov. It is the Overclocking utility that is all the buzz over at the brighthand forums. What I didn't realize is Anton has released a comprehensive benchmark suite for the Pocket PC called PocketPC Mark that allows you to tell how your tweaks and settings affect your overall performance."

PocketPC Addict

The most reliable benchmark for Pocket PCs

"With new Pocket PCs coming out all the time and with speed setting software like Pocket HackMaster, it's become important, for the sake of comparisons, to get a complete, accurate picture of how fast a Pocket PC can complete certain core operations. Anton Tomov, the same author that wrote the powerful speed setting software Pocket HackMaster, has recently completed an equally robust speed checking (benchmark) program. PocketPC Mark uses a series of small, related benchmark routines to produce a more accurate composite speed rating in each of the core functionalities of a Pocket PC."


Highly recommended!

"One of the most reliable benchmarking application for the Windows Mobile platform. I was impressed to see that it is used by Pocket PC Magazin for benchmarking all devices being reviewed in the magazine. Highly recommended."

Gerard Peterson