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Storage card information

Storage card information

View detailed storage card information describing file system, low-level geometry, statistics, fragmentation and device driver attributes

Pocket Mechanic Professional - Storage card properties moduleThe Card information module of Pocket Mechanic Professional will gather and display a great amount of information and properties for the storage card chosen.  The data being shown is collected from various sources such as the Windows CE operating system, the block device drivers of the storage media, the file system and from the raw data of the storage card itself.

Pocket Mechanic Professional will organize the collected information into five major groups:

BIOS parameter block – The BIOS Parameter Block (BPB) is a data structure found in the boot sector of the volume that stores information about the layout of the volume and the file system structures. The information in this section is retrieved by directly parsing the boot sector of the volume and may differ from the information retrieved by the logical and low-level device drivers.

Physical layer information - The information in this section is retrieved by querying the low-level block OS block drivers. Please note that the information may differ from the one retrieved by the logical (volume) drivers.

Logical layer information - This group contains information retrieved by querying the high-level (file system) device drivers. File systems in Windows CE reside on volumes which in turn need to be mounted in order for the file systems on them to be visible. Volume information is extensively covered in this section. Please note that the information may differ from the one retrieved by the physical (low-level) drivers and the BIOS Parameter Block because volumes are slightly smaller than physical storage devices because of the space occupied by the FAT copies, the hidden and reserved sectors, the root folder, the FSInfo sector and the boot sector(s).

File system statistics - This category contains various file system related statistics such as the number of files and folders, slack space, used space, number of read-only files etc.

Fragmentation – Shows total volume fragmentation, number of clusters in fragmented files and folders, number of fragmented files and folders, fragmented cluster chain statistics and more.