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Scan Disk

Scan Disk

Finds and repairs any errors on your storage card, including lost clusters and file chains, cross-linked clusters, corrupted files, file allocation errors and invalid directory entries

Pocket Mechanic Professional - ScanDiskFile system errors are the number one reason for data corruption and loss of important files and data on your Windows Mobile device. Every time a program locks up or you soft reset your Windows Mobile device because an application stopped responding, there is a risk for introducing errors in your storage card. When the mobile device is interrupted while writing information on the storage card, the resulting data is often incomplete. Most often this happens because the operating system is not able to update the FAT tables or the file chains because of the lock up / soft reset. No matter what the potential cause may be, it is quite possible that lost clusters and/or chains are on your storage card. A lost cluster or chain is data that is “lost” and cannot be accessed through the file system. This can also cause random lock-ups or application errors.

If Scan Disk is not performed on a regular basis your device may become sluggish in performance. ScanDisk is one of the essential tools used to maintain performance and error-free file management.

Pocket Mechanic Professional comes bundled with a Scan Disk module that will scan your storage card for any issues and will optionally fix any problems found if possible. The following file system errors can be fixed by Pocket Mechanic Professional:

Lost cluster chains – a typical error, such as "lost cluster in a lost chain" indicates that data is present but there are no pointers pointing to that data.  Pocket Mechanic Professional can recover the data from the lost cluster chains found or discard them by marking thelost clusters as "free" in the FAT tables.

Corrupted cluster chains – different errors found in the FAT tables including invalid cluster values, missing end-of-file (EOF) markers etc.

Cross-linked cluster chains – this error occurs when two or more cluster chains are cross-linked or sharing the same clusters. Pocket Mechanic Professional fixes the problem by making a copy of each chain and fixing the data in the file allocation tables of the storage media.

Directory entry issues – incorrect pointers, dates, names and other specific problems that occur in the directory entries that describe the folder structure of the storage card.

Incorrect file sizes – an error where there is difference between the directory entry file size and the size of the actual cluster chain. Pocket Mechanic Professional fixes the issue by updating the directory entry records to match the actual length of the file.

The following file system errors are detected by Pocket Mechanic Professional but won't be fixed because of the risk of damaging data even further:

Differences in FAT copies - if Scan Disk detects differences in the primary and the backup copies of the file allocation table it will refuse to continue as modifiying the file system could cause irreversible loss of data.