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Repair broken shortcuts

Repair broken shortcuts

Finds and repairs dangling shortcuts on your Pocket PC, fixes application startup errors and issues with missing help files, deletes broken/invalid link files

Pocket Mechanic Professional - Repaid dangling shortcutsDangling shortcuts or .lnk files on Pocket PC devices are a common issue and can be the reason for many problems like “Cannot find ‘Application’ (or one of its components) error messages after a soft reset or when attempting to start an application, “The page you are looking for cannot be found” when trying to view help files, missing application icons in your Programs folder, etc.

A broken shortcut may point to a non-existing file or have invalid syntax that is causing the errors.

Dangling shortcuts are left by applications that improperly handle or create them or after an installed application is moved to a different folder or storage card. Please note that the latter can be effectively avoided by using the Relocate module of Pocket Mechanic Professional.

Pocket Mechanic Professional will quickly find all broken shortcut files on your Windows Mobile device and will automatically repair them if possible or delete them if the links cannot be automatically fixed.