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Recover bad sectors

Recover bad sectors

Advanced data recovery utility for Pocket PCs that will detect and repair physical bad sectors on your Windows Mobile storage card or micro-drive and make it reusable again

Pocket Mechanic Professional - Recover bad sectorsBad sectors are irregularities on flash/magnetic media formed due to extensive reading/writing operations (especially for flash cards), sudden voltage surges, certain viruses, corruptions, excessive shocks etc. Bad sectors can cause problems when reading or writting data to the storage card, running applications and stability issues. It is recommended to check the storage cards in your Windows Mobile device for bad sectors on a monthly basis and after formatting the media.

Pocket Mechanic Professional can recover those bad sectors by detecting and marking them as unusable in the FAT tables – that way the Windows CE file system will not attempt to use them for storing files or data.

Bad sectors are identified by attempting to read and write (optional) data from each sector on the storage card being checked. Sectors that passed the tests will be shown as green dots on the cluster map. Sectors that failed the tests will be shown as red dots and will also be marked as “unusable” in the FAT tables to effectively prevent the file system from storing data on them anymore.