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Free RAM

Free RAM

Effectively reclaims unused RAM from running applications, increases the amount of free memory, defragments Windows Mobile RAM heap, improves device responsiveness, prevents lock ups

Pocket Mechanic Professional - relcaim and optimize RAM, free and defragment memoryDoes your Windows Mobile device feel sluggish when you use it? Do you soft reset your Pocket PC often because of low memory warnings? Are you experiencing random lock ups? If you do, it is time for memory optimization with the Free RAM module of Pocket Mechanic Professional .

Running applications sooner or later cause heap fragmentation during normal usage of a Windows Mobile device. Symptoms are frequent “Low memory” warnings, reduced amount of free memory, slowdowns and even lock ups.

Pocket Mechanic Professional can effectively defragment the heap, reclaim all memory blocks that are no longer used by running applications, increase the amount of free RAM available to applications and remove the need to soft reset your device on a regular basis.

The Free RAM module will find all running system processes and applications and will defragment their heaps, consolidate the unused memory blocks and reclaim as much memory as possible with a single click of a button.

It is recommended to run the Free RAM module on a daily basis as a proven preventive maintenance technique.