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Fragmentation status

Fragmentation status

Finds fragmented files and folders on the storage card of your Pocket PC, displays a map of the cluster chains. Defragments individual files and folders

Pocket Mechanic Professional Fragmentation statusThe Fragmentation status module of Pocket Mechanic Professional will scan the file system of your Windows Mobile device storage card and will draw a map of all file and folder chains found.  File and folder chains will be visualized using different colors depending on whether the chains are fragmented or not, reserved, hidden or marked as bad (unusable) in the FAT tables.

All fragmented files and folders will be listed below the fragmentation map along with detailed information on the number of clusters in the chain, number of fragmented clusters, fragmentation etc.

When a file or folder from the list is selected, its file chain will be visualized using a blinking cursor on the map.

This module lets the user to defragment individual files and folders.