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Find large files

Find large files

Find the largest files on your Windows Mobile device or storage cards. Monitor storage space usage, identify space hogs on your Pocket PC and optionally delete files that are no longer needed

Pocket Mechanic Professional - Find large filesThe more storage space you use on your Pocket PC or storage cards, the more difficult it becomes to find the places where large files that you have forgotten about may be stored. Such files usually consume a great amount of precious storage space and deleting them can dramatically increase the free space on your flash cards or free memory in your Windows Mobile device.

Pocket Mechanic Professional will effectively find out which are the files that have become memory hogs in your Windows Mobile PDA.  Once you start the module it will automatically scan your Pocket PC and/or storage cards and will show you the biggest files in a list. Files in the list can be optionally deleted or browsed using the built-in file explorer. A report showing detailed statistics on each file found including name, size, containing folder, used space as percentage of the entire Pocket PC storage space, used space as percentage of the storage media the file was found on and actual space the file occupies will be displayed at the end.

Only a few seconds are needed to scan a full 4GB storage card.

The module can be optionally configured to skip files on storage cards or in RAM or skip various system and hidden files. The number of large files found to be included in the report can also be configured.