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Cleanup and repair Pocket Outlook

Cleanup and repair Pocket Outlook

Find and repair Pocket Outlook issues, remove duplicate contacts and appointments, delete email junk, orphaned attachments and invalid database records

Pocket Mechanic Professional - cleanup Pocket Outlook, repair issues and database problemsEmail on Windows Mobile devices is stored on several different locations in Windows CE databases and the file system. The file system and the databases are normally synchronized by ActiveSync but often because of bugs and crashes, this information will contain invalid entries, corruptions and junk that occupies significant amount of the free memory on your device.

The Outlook cleanup module of Pocket Mechanic Professional can find and repair those problems and reclaim the used storage space again and make it available to other applications. It is recommended to regulary perform Pocket Outlook maintenance by running the Outlook cleanup module to:

  • Find and optionally remove duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks
  • Check the mail store database integrity, find all invalid references and corrupt records and optionally delete them
  • Find orphaned email attachment files normally left on your device after an improper synchronization and optionally delete them
  • Find orphaned email bodies on your device and optionally delete them