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Pocket Battery Analyzer

Version 1.12, last updated on Jan 20, 2004

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A must have mobile Windows Mobile device battery diagnostics utility

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Pocket Battery Analyzer

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A small utility that will graphically log the discharge curve of your battery and will measure the battery performance and maximum life.

Pocket Battery Analyzer is a small program that will run in background and will graphically log the discharge curve of the battery of your PocketPC. You can use Pocket Battery Analyzer to:

  • Estimate the battery life as a function of the current settings of your device without having to wait for a complete battery discharge cycle (battery life approximation function)
  • Measure and compare the battery wear out by comparing the discharge curve of your device against the discharge curve of a brand new device
  • Measure and compare how different device settings (like backlight, CPU speed, volume, WiFi and Bluetooth etc) impact the total battery discharge time and find the best battery performance setting for your device
  • Compare the battery discharge time of your device against the battery dischare time of up tp three other device and/or settings
  • Export the battery discharge curve to a .CSV file that can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel
  • Get an accurate prediction of the total battery life of your device without having to run a full discharge cycle
  • Graphically compare the discharge curve with another (reference) discharge curve

Sounds like a winner

"Battery Analyzer is looking very sharp, and the projections are a very welcome addition. Seems likely that one might have a solid estimate within 30 minutes, and be far better equipped to plan use while away from a charger. That can make for some peace of mind while travelling; always a good thing"

A reviewer from Vancouver, Canada

This is a very helpfull tool…

"This is a very helpfull tool that prove the lineal relation between time and battery charge. But the best part is coming in future releases wink Thanks Anton..."

Frank J (Ctitanic) Garciab

A great little app

"A great little app if you want to see how using various aspects of your PDA uses battery power. Im sure it will be an valuable tool for reviewers testing new PDA's or expansion cards to see how good the power consumption"

Nick B using HP iPaq H5450