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GPRS Keep Alive

Version 1.01, last updated on Jan 20, 2004

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An effective keep-alive solution for your Windows Mobile PDA and GPRS connection - always stay connected

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GPRS Keep Alive

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Do you have Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, GPRS, GSM or some other type of wireless connection to the internet on your PDA? Have problems keeping it alive? Need to send repeated pings?

GPRS Keep Alive is your answer. Developed as a keep alive solution for your PDA and connection.

GPRS Keep Alive is a small program that will run in background and ping up to five configurable hosts on a predefined time interval thus effectively preventing disconnection of some cellular modems.

One small program, one click solution! Easily minimized and kept out of the way. Can be configured to detect connections and auto start!

To use the program, first enter up to five hosts (eg. http://www.yahoo.com, http://www.google.com etc), check the checkbox in front of each host to include it in the list of hosts that will be processed (pinged) and turn the pinging on by either pressing the "Turn GPRS Keep Alive ON" button or by configuring automatic startup of the program.

A solution that really works

"This great little application indeed keeps my Windows Mobile Smartphone from being constantly disconnected from the GPRS network. Now I can use my IM all the time. Thank you, highly recommended."

A reviewer from Bradford, UK

Does what it says and more

"I worked with him during the beta of this, testing my T-Mobile GPRS. Much better than "piecing" together freeware solutions to make it work! Well worth the price, and the developer is very, very responsive to suggestions and bugs."

A reviewer from Tampa, FL

Great Idea, Great Program, Great Price

"Great Idea, Great Program, Great Price. This was such a great idea, my connection always stays on while I can make and receive phone calls. What a wonderful price for only $3, well worth it."

by Aaron Uifz