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Windows Mobile Pocket PC apps

Award winning software for mobile devices by Wizcode

Data Recovery Mobile

Complete data recovery solution for Windows Mobile devices using flash media. Fix errors, recover deleted files and lost data.


1 vote

Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile is a complete data recovery solution for Windows Mobile devices using flash media. It can effectively repair storage card errors and bring damaged, deleted, or lost data back with just a few taps of the stylus. Great value - save 55% instead of purchasing ScanDisk, Undelete and Unformat separately! Download your 30-day free unlimited trial now!

Defragment Mobile

Maximize performance and reliability with the most powerful defragmentation utility for Windows Mobile on the market – automatically!


1 vote

Enter Wizcode Defragment Mobile - the world's most efficient and powerful Windows Mobile storage card defragmenter and file system optimizer, now featuring Wizcode's FlashBoost® flash memory optimization technology and Wizcode's DirBoost® folder sorting.

GPRS Keep Alive

An effective keep-alive solution for your Windows Mobile PDA and GPRS connection - always stay connected

Not rated yet.

Do you have Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, GPRS, GSM or some other type of wireless connection to the internet on your PDA? Have problems keeping it alive? Need to send repeated pings? GPRS Keep Alive is your answer. Developed as a keep alive solution for your PDA and connection. GPRS Keep Alive is a small program that will run in background and ping up to five configurable hosts on a predefined time interval thus effectively preventing disconnection of some cellular modems.

Photocopy Mobile

Turn your Windows Mobile device into a fully featured photo copy machine, scanner and fax machine!


1 vote

Scan paper documents using the built-in camera of your device, convert to compact PDF files, share via email or save to your device for digital archiving or backup.

Pocket Alarm

Unlimited alarms and reminders for Windows Mobile devices, WAV, MP3 and OGG support, today plug-in, handwritten notes, talking clock


4 votes

Never miss an appointment or overlook an alarm again. Create recurring MP3 alarms with handwritten notes. See upcoming alarms on the Today screen of your device. Create, edit, view and delete complex recurring or pattern-based alarms. Launch applications on alarm. Download the fully featured 30-day trial version of PocketAlarm and give it a try now!

Pocket Battery Analyzer

A must have mobile Windows Mobile device battery diagnostics utility

Not rated yet.

A small utility that will graphically log the discharge curve of your battery and will measure the battery performance and maximum life. Pocket Battery Analyzer is a small program that will run in background and will graphically log the discharge curve of the battery of your PocketPC.

Pocket Hack Master

Optimize your Windows Mobile device for peak perfromance, run programs faster, increase battery life


16 votes

Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards Winner- Pocket Hack Master will make your device feel more responsive when you truly need more performance by measuring the load of the processor and applying a faster speed setting instantly when needed or by lowering the CPU clock when the device is idle.

Pocket Mechanic Professional

Powerful Windows Mobile maintenance tools - clean, repair, defragment, format, tweak, free memory, fix outlook issues, optimize


26 votes

The leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility comes re-loaded with features and tools to keep your mobile device and storage cards in perfect shape. A complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Mechanic application, the Professional version is faster, more powerful and is compatible with more devices.

PocketPC Mark

The industry-standard Windows Mobile and Pocket PC benchmarking utility used by PocketPC Magazine


1 vote

PocketPC Mark has a modular structure that allows more benchmarks to be added in the future. The user selects the desired benchmark from the menu and PocketPC Mark executes this benchmark. Each benchmark consists of several smaller tests that will be used to form the final benchmark result. When the benchmark is completed, a result comparison window will pop up and will allow you to compare your performance against other devices performance. Also a details window will show the detailed results of all the tests that formed the benchmark.

ScanDisk Mobile

Check storage card health, find and correct filesystem and physical errors, recover lost data, prevent data loss - straight on your Windows Mobile device


2 votes

Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile is a powerful system tool which you can use to scan your storage cards for errors caused by improper shut-downs, application errors, system crashes, viruses, and other problems. Using ScanDisk to scan and correct problems to your Windows Mobile device can fix damage caused to critical Windows Mobile files, improving system performance in the process.

Undelete Mobile

Data recovery for Windows Mobile, recover deleted files and folders on storage cards with just a few clicks straight on your Pocket PC


1 vote

Wizcode Undelete Mobile is an inexpensive, easy-to-use but powerful file recovery and undelete software for Windows Mobile devices.

Unformat Mobile

Forensic data recovery for Windows Mobile - bring back deleted or lost files, rescue data from formatted or even damaged storage cards


1 vote

Complete, inexpensive data recovery solution for Windows Mobile devices that is able to recover lost, deleted or damaged files and data from all major storage cards.

Virtual Explorer

Windows Mobile file explorer and registry editor with ZIP, strong encryption, shredder and recycle bin


7 votes

Virtual Explorer is a revolutionary and powerful integrated solution designed to replace the rather restricted features of the standard Pocket PC file explorer. Built upon an impressive framework of robust and very fast C++ code Virtual Explorer is faster, has more features, looks nicer and offers many advantages to the built-in Pocket PC file explorer.