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When I open a module the dialog buttons are missing/misplaced

Update: This issue has been fixed in Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.87 and above.

If the buttons at the bottom of different Pocket Mechanic Professional module dialogs are missing or misplaced you need to adjust the system font properties of your Windows Mobile Device. Symptoms always appear after the default system font settings are changed (most often by a 3rd party application).

Pocket Mechanic Professional missing buttonsThe current implementation of MFC libraries could cause the buttons (and other dialog controls) to be incorrectly positioned on dialogs if the default system font is changed. The MapDialogRect API that is used for mapping controls on a dialog takes into account the system font properties when calculating the positions of the controls but it doesn’t seem to do that correctly on Windows CE. The side effects of that are oddly placed dialog controls when using a non-default system font. Sometimes the controls will be position outside the visible are of the dialogs thus making them unusable.

The only workaround is to restore the default system font and soft reset the device.