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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Pocket Mechanic Professional on my mobile device?


Please make sure that you have a compatible device before you proceed. The current version of Pocket Mechanic Professional is compatible with:

  • All Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC devices
  • All Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC devices
  • All Windows Mobile 2003 / Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC devices
  • All Pocket PC 2002 devices
  • All Pocket PC 2000 devices (QVGA portrait and landscape screens only)
  • All Windows CE 3.0 devices (QVGA portrait and landscape screens only)

Windows Mobile Smartphone devices are not supported by Pocket Mechanic Professional.

Download setup file: 

Download the appropriate setup package of Pocket Mechanic Professional here. The application can be installed by using a desktop installer or by running a .CAB file directly on the device.

Installing using the desktop installer:

Make sure you have the most recent version of Microsoft ActiveSync installed. Download the appropriate desktop installer package and save it on the hard drive of your desktop computer. Connect your device by docking it in the supplied cradle and connect the cradle to the computer.

Run the desktop installer by double clicking the downloaded executable file. Follow the wizard to complete the installation. The installer will automatically deploy the application to your mobile device.

Installing using a .CAB file:

Download the appropriate .CAB file to your desktop computer and transfer it to your mobile device or download the .CAB file to the device directly (your device needs to be connected to the Internet). Tap the Start button on your device then choose Programs/File Explorer. Use the file explorer to navigate to the location where you downloaded the .CAB file (typically \My Documents) and start the .CAB file by tapping on it. Wait for the installation to finish.