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Wizcode Unformat Mobile public beta

by on Jun 16

Wizcode Unformat Mobile sector scanJune 16th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC, the leading provider of software and solutions for mobile devices announced today the beta of its newest data recovery product for the Windows Mobile platform - Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

Wizcode Unformat Mobile is the latest and the most powerful data recovery product from Wizcode based on the Phoenix framework. It differs significantly from Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile and Wizcode Undelete Mobile in the way it attempts to recover lost or damaged data.

While both ScanDisk and Undelete rely on at least partially available file system to respectively repair errors and bring back deleted files, Unformat Mobile can save data even from a formatted or severely damaged file system. Together these 3 products form the ultimate disaster data recovery platform for Windows Mobile.

Unformat Mobile will scan the sectors on the storage card one by one looking for known file patterns or file system structures. The current version of Unformat Mobile can identify more than 180 different file types based on the file data contents. After all sectors are scanned, Unformat Mobile will try putting all pieces of data together. Recognized file types will be matched against any file system records remaining on the disk. A list of recovery candidates will be compiled. If possible, reconstruction of the file names, sizes and attributes will be attempted. If corresponding directory entries are not found or geometry issues are detected, the recovery candidates will be given with generic names and size but will still be recovered.

After the list is compiled, a consistency check will be run across all items and any obviously corrupted files will be removed before actual recovery. Consistency checks include geometry and alignment issues, directory entry validation and checksums, overlapping clusters, and bogus data left from previous file systems. Once the list is validated the application can proceed with actual recovery based on user selection. Files must be recovered to a different storage card or to the main memory of the device.

Wizcode Unformat Mobile can bring back data that no one even knew was available on the storage card. Just run a scan and you will be surprised at the amount of information it will find on it that you thought never existed. This complex mobile application can compete with very expensive desktop based disaster recovery systems and is the first application of its kind in the Windows Mobile World.


The public beta will be available for downloading on June, 20th.


 The list of recoverable files found:

Wizcode Unformat Mobile list of recovered files



 Recovery destination selection:

Wizcode Unformat Mobile recovery target selection



 Recovered files viewed back in file exporer:

Recovered files viewed in file explorer


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