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Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper pre-beta discussion

by on Jun 07

Wizcode Mobile UpkeeperGreetings,

This is the pre-beta technical discoussion for Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper. Post your comments, suggestions, feature requests or technical questions here. We will be happy to share more details regarding our upcoming product and discuss all posts with you.

Make sure to sign-up for the beta testing that starts on June 21st from the user control panel.
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By Bob on Jun 08, 2007

This is a general comment that applies to all UTILITY software.  Don’t let the software make automatic change/delete decisions without the concurrence of the user.  For example, I have 2 SD cards, with different programs, that I swap out on my XV-6700.  If I ran this new upkeeper program (or any other utility) and it found “broken” link listed in programs, and automatically deleted that link, it would actually be deleting a link that was valid when I used the other SD card.  The software should “suggest” deletion, but not complete the operation until an OK was given by the user. 

For that reason, I never use the “auto-clean”, or auto-repair functions of utility programs.  If you want to put a function in that will clean/repair without intervention, a user should be able to disable that or have the option of saying that “I want the final decision”.

By Anton Tomov on Jun 08, 2007

Hello Bob,
Thanks for the comment - I think we are on the same page here. Upkeeper will not delete anything unless explicitly instructed to do so. In case a broken link is found it will be repaired (after user confirmation or automatically if configured) and in case that is not possible it will be marked for deletion (again after user confirmation). Wizcode Upkeeper is integrated with Wizcode Virtual Explorer Recycle bin so all deleted entries (files, registry keys or database records) are fully recoverable. Looking forward to more feedback to help us make Wizcode Upkeeper the ultimate maintenance tool!

Best regards,

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