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Virtual Explorer v1.30 change log

by Anton Tomov on Mar 10

Virtual Explorer v1.30 change logGreetings,


This is the first major offical update of Virtual Explorer in the last 12 months. We are continuing our work for improving this product so expect regular minor updates soon.


 Our focus on the next immediate release will be adding recycle bin registry support (almost ready), assign shell zip/enc file extensions, comand line processing for the assigned extensions, OBEX support. More encryption providers, built-in Hex and PDF viewers are to follow. The sky is the limit...


Below is the change log for Virtual Explorer v1.30:

  • Added: Official WM6 support, binaries compiled with the WM6 SDK
  • Changed: Search context menu creation
  • Fixed: Possible memory leak in Search
  • Fixed: Search SIP behavior
  • Fixed: View mode switching with the Search bar toggled on (reported in the forum)
  • Fixed: Recycle bin read-ony file/folder processing
  • Fixed: Toolbar background color to match icon background
  • Fixed: Splitter calculations in the toolbars
  • Added: More status bar notifications

The change log for the previous v1.20 unofficial beta release can be found here.


Registered users are encouraged to download and update their existing installations. Upgrades are free for registered users.


Unregistered users are encouraged to download a free 30-day trial version.


Any feedback on the new release is much appreciated!
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