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Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta released

by Anton Tomov on Feb 06

Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta screenshotGreetings,


The long awaited update of Virtual Explorer is to be released in the next few days.


Virtual Explorer has not been updated since almost twelve months. The main reason for that was the complexity of the project - as soon as we released the first version we realized we need to dramatically change the architecture of the application in order to support all the new features we wanted to include like FTP support, document previews, thumbnails, built-in editors etc.


The development team started work on Virtual Explorer 2 a few months ago. We expect to start early alpha testing in Q2 2008. In the meanwhile we took some of the code written for Virtual Explorer 2 and used it to improve the first Virtual Explorer. I hope you will find the new version 1.20 much more stable and will enjoy the little improvements that we have added.






New Search ability:


This release implements Quick File Search functionality. Use the Quick Search Bar at the top to enter a file mask and click the "Search" button: 


Virtual Explorer v1.20 Quick Search Bar


More than one mask can be entered simultaneously at the same time. A few examples:


  • *.jpg will search for all .jpg files

  • *.jpg; *.bmp; *.png will search for all .jpg, .bmp and .png files

  • *.jpg; -screen*.jpg; +*.exe; -pocket hack master.exe will search for all .jpg files except for screen*.jpg files and will also find all .exe files but will skip the file pocket hack master.exe


Virtual Explorer v1.20 Quick Search rules


The full syntax of the search expressions is very complex and may contain macro definitions, absolute and relative paths, and even reference registry key values as parameters. The code is inherited from Pocket Mechanic Professional and we will publish a complete guide on how to use the search capabilities of both products on our web site soon.


The Quick Search Bar also remembers that last 10 search expressions, just use the combo box and choose a previous search from the history to quickly execute that search.


Currently the Quick Search works for files and folders only. We have planned an extension called "Advanced search" that will be released in v1.30.


Make sure to check the new toolbars in Virtual Explorer:


Virtual Explorer v1.20 toolbars


The new Main toolbar:


Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta main toolbar


The new Status bar:


Virtual Explorer v1.20 status bar


The list of changes for this new release is very large, below are just a few of the most important changes in v1.20 compared to v1.10:


User interface:


  • Added a new status bar
  • Added a new "Search" bar with history
  • Reordered the tool bars
  • New main menu (better navigation on square screen devices)
  • Fixed menu access issues on WM5 devices
  • Fixed tree refresh on WM5 devices

File system:


  • Added "Search" feature
  • Fixed focus issue during "Rename"
  • Fixed possible bug in folder size collection code
  • Removed "cluster chains" info from file/folder properties to improve speed. This feature will be brought back on in the next release

Encryption / decryption:


  • Fixed decryption issues with files 4095 bytes long
  • Fixed encryption progress bar update problem
  • Fixed dialog flicker while decrypting
  • Speed improvements, increased memory buffer



  • Fixed navigation issues related to linked list w/ tree mode
  • Reduced memory usage of unzip, increased stability
  • Improved performance

Recycle bin:


  • Added support for shortcut put / restore
  • Fixed a bug with "folder restore" operations

Core code changes:


  • Reduced memory usage
  • Faster startup
  • Major code rewrite and cleanup
  • Official Windows Mobile 6 support

Known issues:


  • Toolbar encryption buttons not yet enabled (encryption working via the context menus)
  • Tree control is missing the "+" symbol on some devices
  • Properties dialog for multiple item selection not showing statistics correctly
  • FAT module temporarily disabled
  • Pocket PC 2002 devices not supported in this version. We will add support for older devices in the official release


The new beta can be downloaded here:


Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta for WM2003 devices: Desktop installer | .CAB file


Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta for WM5 devices: Desktop installer | .CAB file


Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta for WM6 devices: Desktop installer | .CAB file


We plan to release several intermediate builds of the application in the next few days to address all minor issues reported. Please post your bug reports, comments and suggestions. Thank you for choosing Virtual Explorer!

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