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Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.41 change log

by on Jun 08

Pocket Mechanic Professional ChangelogPocket Mechanic v2.41 adds code to explicitly flush the registry before the application enters Safe Mode.

On some devices changes written to the registry are not immediately saved.


When Pocket Mechanic enters safe mode it changes the registry and then reboots the device and if the registry is not flushed by the OS before the soft reset this could lead to problems. The RegFlushKey API is OEM dependent so besides calling it Pocket Mechanic v2.41 also calls Sleep() before rebooting to give the registry update thread some time to write the changes necessary.

Also the new version has improved Safe Mode code that won’t overwrite the saved registry keys from a previous Safe Mode in case something went wrong when the device booted in Safe Mode.

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By kabar on Jun 08, 2007

Using V 241.185 on a Dell Axim x51v, I do scandisk, but after reboot it does not start, the PPC just restarts as normal.


By Anton Tomov on Jun 08, 2007

Hello Kabar,
Please upgrade to v2.42, Safe Mode should work on all devices without issues in this release.


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