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Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.40 change log

by Anton Tomov on Jun 06

Wizcode changelogBellow is the change log for Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.40:

  • Fixed a UI issue in the file system cache dialog (thanks to Ted Wengelaar)
  • Fixed an unsafe registry key update issue in Outlook email relocation code
  • Defragment and Scan Disk use Safe mode now (thanks to Bob Fraga)
  • Optimized the FAT cache for low-memory conditions 

A few notes on the new Safe Mode:

On rare occasions the FATFS cache can get out of sync with the real state of the media when running applications access the storage card frequently while Pocket Mechanic is defragmenting or checking the card for errors. This is a dangerous situation that has been reproduced recently by our QAs so we decided to solve the issue by doing the same the desktop Windows versions of Scan Disk and Defrag do - reboot the device in Safe mode, perform the Scan Disk/Defragment and then reboot back in normal mode.

Pocket Mechanic will disable all programs, services, and today plug-ins that are loaded after a soft reset before entering Safe Mode leaving only the operating system and the required processes for a proper boot-up such as shell32.exe, services.exe, connmgr.exe etc. The device is rebooted and a small (about 20k) special application launcher (called WizAppLauncher.exe and installed under \Windows folder) takes care of launching the actual Pocket Mechanic executable. This is done in order to allow the storage cards to properly initialize in case the main application is installed on a storage card. Then the corresponding module that requires exclusive media access is ran (Scan Disk or Defragment respectively). After the work is done, Pocket Mechanic will exit Safe Mode by enabling all disabled applications and services and will reboot the device to restore the normal operation of the mobile device.

Special thanks to Bob Fraga who reported the issue.

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By Bob Fraga on Jun 06, 2007

I was honored to be of assistance to Anton and his staff. I was very impressed by their professional and swift action in achieving a ‘fix’ to this problem.  I can hardly wait to see what other ‘goodies’ in the way of new software Wizcode comes up with.  smile

Bob Fraga

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