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Pocket Hack Master v5 - work in progress announced

by on Apr 02

Wizcode announces Pocket Hack Master v5April 2nd, 2009 - Wizcode LLC is working on a brand new version of Pocket Hack Master, the best selling Windows Mobile speed boosting/performance optimization utility and winner of the SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine's Best Software Awards 2008.


The new product has plugin-oriented architecture that consists of the core Pocket Hack Master engine and a number of plugins providing low-level control for the different processors supported. The main advantage of the new architecture is the possibility to support many different CPUs and still keep the product stable and maintainable. Currently the major challenge standing in front of Wizcode's development team is adding support for the new unsupported processors like the PXA310 and the Qualcomm MS7200. Having a modular structure is the first step in making Pocket Hack Master support the new chips.


The expected beta release for the new product will be no later than July 2009. Wizcode will release a SmartPhone version of Pocket Hack Master v5 as well.


In the meanwhile any suggestions of feature requests will be very welcome by our team. Do not hesitate to send us a message!

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By wonsanim on May 07, 2009

I Never try this Application,But defenitly I try this One.

By dtmm on Aug 13, 2009

It’s Aug. 09 Now where is Pocket Hack Master v5 beta, when is it to be released????
Come on guys its a month after you date where is it??

By davethebossman on Sep 05, 2009

It is now dawning on 2 whole months of waiting for the new v5 beta. It’s kind of depressing since the program sounds like it will be a hit. Anton, if there is some sort of reason for this, no matter the current situation, we would love to know how you are doing and how things are going. Much love! PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR FANS SOON! I hope things are still going favorably for you.


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