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New version of Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile

by on Jul 17

Wizcode releases ScanDisk Mobile v1.04July 17th, 2009 - Wizcode announced a new version of its storage card health monitoring and error checking application for Windows Mobile devices - Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile.

The new v1.04 inherits the file header recognition from Data Recovery Mobile and is now able to assign meaningful file extensions to converted cluster chains instead of using the generic .CHK extension by analyzing the binary file data and attempting to guess the file type. More than 180 file types are currently being supported. This greatly improves the ability to instantly recover data from lost clusters chains on the run.

Wizcode recommends upgrading to this new release to all its customers. Registered customers receive free upgrades. Non-registered users are encouraged to download and test the 30-day trial version of the application free of charge.

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