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Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 2 released

by Anton Tomov on Jan 11

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ RC2Greetings, 

We have a fresh new build (RC2) of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 OS!

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 2 can be downloaded here. Let us know what you think.

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By Magellan on Apr 23, 2008

I just got a SE P990 and installed this.  So far it looks good!

By Magellan on Sep 18, 2008

Will “Evolution” affect development of this product Anton?

By Anton Tomov on Sep 18, 2008

Hey Magellan,
Evolution is a Windows CE framework and does not affect Journal Bar for Symbian. But I have some great news - we have a (maybe) final version of JB Symbian. We are currently dealing with a slow-down issue in the application and will release a new public beta within days. I will keep the community informed.


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