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Download Wizcode Unformat Beta and win a free license

by on Jun 24

Wizcode Unformat Mobile BetaJune 24th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC released the first public beta version of Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

Unformat Mobile is a data recovery product for Windows Mobile that uses file header recognition deep scan techniques to recover data from storage cards. Read the full press release here.

The beta can be downloaded from Wizcode's server:

To install the beta please download the corresponding .CAB file to your device and start it using the file explorer. After the installation is finished navigate to your Programs folder (tap Start Menu->Programs) and find the application icon. Tap the icon to start Unformat Mobile.

To recover data from a storage card launch the application, choose Unformat and select the storare card you wish to recover from. Wait for the application to scan the entire card. This is a slow process because it has to read every single sector from the card and examine the data from it. Please note that even if you stop the scanning process the application will still attempt to recover the data from the sectors read.

After the scan is complete you will see a list of potential recovery candidates (files). Select the ones you wish to recover and tap 'Next'. You will be asked for a location where to store the rescued files (they cannot be saved on the same card). Wait for the recovery to complete.

We would like to propose a small giveaway of 5 licenses for the application to anybody who actually tried Unformat Mobile and was able to recover files from his card.  Try scanning an old and even a formatted storage cards - you will be surprised at the amount of info Unformat Mobile will be able to get back. Post your comments here and we will randomly pick 5 users for the contest.

Good luck!

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By Bert on Jun 24, 2009

This works GREAT!  I am using it on an HTC Touch Pro (ATT FUSE) running 6.1. 
I would love to either win a free license or buy the utility when it is available.
The CAB loaded fine and installed fine, the run on my 8G card was not too bad,
I am anxious to move to 16 & 32G (when 32 is available), so this type of app
is very valuable for a power user, and also for possible data forensics.  Please
keep me informed.  Thanks!

- Bert Reitsma (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

By Anton Tomov on Jun 24, 2009

Great minds think alike! I was also thinking that this tool can be used quite successfully by forensic detectives to recover various data from storage cards! By the way we are working on a tool that will make data recovery impossible - in case you decide to sell your storage card to someone else for example. Just imagine how much data can be recovered for a seemingly empty card.


By chuyqui on Jun 25, 2009

So I don’t know but during installation process there was a sort of unending installation, I’ll try with another external card to copy there the cab and install to my PPC

By chuyqui on Jun 25, 2009

Sorry, now it’s ok, I don’t know what happened before. I installed it. I wonder if something can be done with undetectable cards. When the system for some readon can’t detect them I think nothing can be done. For the moment it’s running ok,

By Bert on Jun 25, 2009

I have been playing around more with the tool, and at least on the HTC TouchPro it
works flawlessly so far.  I tried with a few different cards, and found a lot of material.
The forensics comment was because i work in that area - and this is a great tool for
that - I also thing a good wiper would be very nice to have as well!  Thanks Anton!

- Bert

By mkss55442 on Jun 27, 2009

Hi Anton,

I installed Unformat on my x51v/WM6.1. My first reaction is it is too slow when scanning for files. I put in a test 1GB SD card and started the scan. After 25 minutes, it was 4% complete with another 10 hours 3 minutes estimated to go. That’s too long to tie up my Axim. It also looks like the estimated completion time grows the longer it scans.

What is the difference between Unformat and Undelete?


By mkss55442 on Jun 27, 2009

Hi Anton,

An update: I stopped the scan when the estimated completion time had exceeded 14 hours. I was able to recover one of the files it found. A picture from 1999! But the program isn’t usable yet with the excessive scan time.


By Bert on Jun 27, 2009

Hi Anton!  Another update from Bert…

Your software “saved-my-bacon” yesterday;  I am away on a job, and my wife & kids flew in for a visit.  She has a Cingular 8525 (my old phone) which she wanted me to load a new game on for the trip home. Since I had an old WMDC (Vista) profile on my system I decided to load the game cab directly to her card via an SC-adapter to fit into my HP9339. I reloaded the card to her phone, and for some reason, her TomTom GPS stopped working (and being away, I did not have the reinstall CD which TomTom requires). I could not find anything wrong with the card or anything, so I loaded up WIZCODE UNFORMAT into her 8525 (which is running W6.0) and it seemed to load fine, and worked GREAT.  I found that the game (or the process) had removed some required TomTom files (something I have not seen EVER happen in ~4+y of using Smartphones) most likely in the game-cab install process it caused some damage (at the moment, I am thinking that it performs a “cleanup” and because the TomTom files in question were in the card root, it “cleaned” them up).  I was able USING WIZCODE UNFORMAT to restore the VERY IMPORTANT files (or her beloved GPS would be dead until I could fix it in a few weeks from now) before she left - thanks so much to WIZCODE UNFORMAT for saving the day! And keeping my marriage intact!!  - Bert

By hops on Jun 29, 2009

worked for me, to an old SD Card with some pics (that i backed up) and was able to format and recover the images. will be trying on an old CF Card also and see what happens…working great! smile

By Anton Tomov on Jun 29, 2009

The contest closes on July 1st, winners will be announced on July 2nd.

Thanks to everybody for participating, hope you enjoyed our little forensic data recovery app! wink


By Merlin on Jun 30, 2009

Tried on an SD card and was able to recover some photos on my PPC.
Great tool!

By Anton Tomov on Jul 02, 2009

Thanks everybody for participating!

Contest is closed.

You are all winners! Please contact me via a private message or via email to claim your license for the application.


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