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Technical talk about Wizcode projects and software - product features, updates, change logs, and mobile development

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 alpha

by on Sep 08

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 first alpha announcementGreetings,

The first alpha build of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 devices can be downloaded here. The related discussion for this release can be found in this thread in our forums.


Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 2 alpha

by on Aug 27

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 2 alpha announcement We are happy to announce that beta testing for Journal Bar Symbian has finally started. We had to postpone the initial deadline because of dramatic design changes in the code that were necessary to provide first class architecture of the design and robust and small footprint code. Please accept our apologies for the delay. We at Wizcode hope you won’t be disappointed by our decision.


Post your working Pocket Hack Master settings

by Anton Tomov on Aug 26

Pocket Hack Master speed configurationIf you wish to help our development team build a better Pocket Hack Master v5 you can do it by posting your working Pocket Hack Master v4 speed settings in the following format:

  • Device model and revision
  • OS version
  • Speed setting (as it is seen in the Speed configuration module of Pocket Hack Master) + comments

For example:

Device: HP iPAQ h4705

OS: WM2003SE

624MHz CPU, 208MHz bus, 104Mhz RAM, 104MHz LCD, T

520MHz CPU, 208MHz bus, 104Mhz RAM, 104MHz LCD, T

Thank you for helping us build a better product! 


Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.43 change log

by on Jun 10

Pocket Mechanic Professional Change logv2.43 adds code to explicitly flush the registry after cloning or renaming a registry key before rebooting the device in Safe Mode. Besides working correctly on WM5 devices the new build also reboots the device and enters Safe Mode faster.

Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.42 change log

by on Jun 08

changelogVersion v2.42 of Pocket Mechanic fixes a critical issue introduced in v2.40 and v2.41 that affects Safe Mode for many WM5 devices and also addresses a minor issue with the new Wizcode Application Launcher. This is a critical hotfix, upgrading from v2.40 and v2.41 is absolutely a must!

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused! 

Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.41 change log

by on Jun 08

Pocket Mechanic Professional ChangelogPocket Mechanic v2.41 adds code to explicitly flush the registry before the application enters Safe Mode.

On some devices changes written to the registry are not immediately saved.



Wizcode PhotoVue beta delayed postponed for June 15th

by on Jun 08

Wizcode PhotoVueGreetings,

The beta testing for Wizocode PhotoVue will be delayed by a week and will start on June 15th. The reason for the delay is the new user interface module with transparency and alpha support that we will be adding to the viewer. Beta application period is extended until June 15th as well. All beta testers are welcome!


Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper pre-beta discussion

by on Jun 07

Wizcode Mobile UpkeeperGreetings,

This is the pre-beta technical discoussion for Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper. Post your comments, suggestions, feature requests or technical questions here. We will be happy to share more details regarding our upcoming product and discuss all posts with you.


Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.40 change log

by Anton Tomov on Jun 06

Wizcode changelogBellow is the change log for Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.40:

  • Fixed a UI issue in the file system cache dialog (thanks to Ted Wengelaar)
  • Fixed an unsafe registry key update issue in Outlook email relocation code
  • Defragment and Scan Disk use Safe mode now (thanks to Bob Fraga)
  • Optimized the FAT cache for low-memory conditions 

A few notes on the new Safe Mode:


Pocket Alarm v2.18 change log

by Anton Tomov on Jun 06

Pocket Alarm v2.18 change log:

  • Added German voice support for the "WhatTime" talking clock feature 


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