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Download Wizcode Unformat Beta and win a free license

by on Jun 24

Wizcode Unformat Mobile BetaJune 24th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC released the first public beta version of Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

Unformat Mobile is a data recovery product for Windows Mobile that uses file header recognition deep scan techniques to recover data from storage cards. Read the full press release here.

The beta can be downloaded from Wizcode's server:

To install the beta please download the corresponding .CAB file to your device and start it using the file explorer. After the installation is finished navigate to your Programs folder (tap Start Menu->Programs) and find the application icon. Tap the icon to start Unformat Mobile.

To recover data from a storage card launch the application, choose Unformat and select the storare card you wish to recover from. Wait for the application to scan the entire card. This is a slow process because it has to read every single sector from the card and examine the data from it. Please note that even if you stop the scanning process the application will still attempt to recover the data from the sectors read.

After the scan is complete you will see a list of potential recovery candidates (files). Select the ones you wish to recover and tap 'Next'. You will be asked for a location where to store the rescued files (they cannot be saved on the same card). Wait for the recovery to complete.

We would like to propose a small giveaway of 5 licenses for the application to anybody who actually tried Unformat Mobile and was able to recover files from his card.  Try scanning an old and even a formatted storage cards - you will be surprised at the amount of info Unformat Mobile will be able to get back. Post your comments here and we will randomly pick 5 users for the contest.

Good luck!

Wizcode Unformat Mobile public beta

by on Jun 16

Wizcode Unformat Mobile sector scanJune 16th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC, the leading provider of software and solutions for mobile devices announced today the beta of its newest data recovery product for the Windows Mobile platform - Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

Wizcode Unformat Mobile is the latest and the most powerful data recovery product from Wizcode based on the Phoenix framework. It differs significantly from Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile and Wizcode Undelete Mobile in the way it attempts to recover lost or damaged data.

While both ScanDisk and Undelete rely on at least partially available file system to respectively repair errors and bring back deleted files, Unformat Mobile can save data even from a formatted or severely damaged file system. Together these 3 products form the ultimate disaster data recovery platform for Windows Mobile.

Unformat Mobile will scan the sectors on the storage card one by one looking for known file patterns or file system structures. The current version of Unformat Mobile can identify more than 180 different file types based on the file data contents. After all sectors are scanned, Unformat Mobile will try putting all pieces of data together. Recognized file types will be matched against any file system records remaining on the disk. A list of recovery candidates will be compiled. If possible, reconstruction of the file names, sizes and attributes will be attempted. If corresponding directory entries are not found or geometry issues are detected, the recovery candidates will be given with generic names and size but will still be recovered.

After the list is compiled, a consistency check will be run across all items and any obviously corrupted files will be removed before actual recovery. Consistency checks include geometry and alignment issues, directory entry validation and checksums, overlapping clusters, and bogus data left from previous file systems. Once the list is validated the application can proceed with actual recovery based on user selection. Files must be recovered to a different storage card or to the main memory of the device.

Wizcode Unformat Mobile can bring back data that no one even knew was available on the storage card. Just run a scan and you will be surprised at the amount of information it will find on it that you thought never existed. This complex mobile application can compete with very expensive desktop based disaster recovery systems and is the first application of its kind in the Windows Mobile World.


Wizcode announces Defragment Mobile beta

by Anton Tomov on Feb 18

Wizcode Defragment MobileFebruary 18th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC announced the public beta of Wizcode Defragment Mobile, storage card and RAM defragmenter and optimizer for Windows Mobile.


Wizcode Defragment Mobile can defragment files and folders on the storage card of your Windows Mobile device and optimize folder performance by re-sorting the directory entries of each folder. You will notice dramatically increased perfomance especially in applications that list a large number of files like file explorers, image viewers etc. Zero fragmentation is also essential for any data recovery procedures you may attempt


The new Defragment Mobile is based on previously announced Evolution framework and the Wizcode FATFS library.



Wizcode announces ScanDisk Mobile beta

by Anton Tomov on Feb 12

Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile BetaFebruary 12th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC announced the public beta of Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile, an advanced storage card data recovery utility for Windows Mobile devices.


Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile is a powerful system tool which you can use to scan your storage cards for errors caused by improper shut-downs, application errors, system crashes, viruses, and other problems. Using ScanDisk to scan and correct problems to your Windows Mobile device can fix damage caused to critical Windows Mobile files, improving system performance in the process.


The new ScanDisk Mobile is based on previously announced Phoenix Data Recovery and Evolution framworks that work in conjunction with the Wizcode FATFS library.



Wizcode Phoenix beta testing schedule

by on Oct 03

October 3rd, 2008 - Wizcode LLC is happy to annouce the beta testing schedule for 4 new products based on recently announced Phoenix Data Recovery platform. The new products are built upon Wizcode Evolution Framework and also utilize the Wizcode FATFS library.


The four new data recovery products are:

  • Wizcode ScanDisk Mobile (beta testing starts on October 11th, 2008)
  • Wizcode Undelete Mobile (beta testing starts on October 18th, 2008)
  • Wizcode Unformat Mobile (beta testing starts on October 25th, 2008)
  • Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile (beta testing starts on November 1st, 2008)


To sign up for beta testing, go to your account and click on the Apply for testing link. Beta testers receive free licenses for the products being tested. Wizcode will email all beta testers with futrher instructions and download locations once the beta for each product starts.


Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper preliminary screenshots

by Anton Tomov on Dec 07

Wizcode Upkeeper screenshotsGreetings,

For those of you who are interested in the development progress of Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper - the ultimate zero-configuration maintenance product, we are happy to share a few preliminary screenshots of the product with you.

The beta will be released before Christmas.



Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 RC1 change log

by on Nov 21

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 by WizcodeJournal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 RC1 change log:

  • Added News caching
  • Fixed: ZIP code control when entering the home city
  • Up-down icons now cycle through all available news sources
  • Fixed: Application title and icon
  • Fixed: Exchange rate display not showing properly
  • Fixed: Time in Stocks now not showing properly
  • Fixed: New data message when the application is not active
  • Added consistent methods for enabling/disabling options for News, Stocks, Weather
  • Fixed: Bug when adding a second city
  • Fixed: "Last updated" field in Weather not updating properly
  • Added location time and time zone conversion

Work in progress:

  • Double buffering to avoid screen flickering

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 1 can be downloaded here.

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 2 alpha

by on Aug 27

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 2 alpha announcement We are happy to announce that beta testing for Journal Bar Symbian has finally started. We had to postpone the initial deadline because of dramatic design changes in the code that were necessary to provide first class architecture of the design and robust and small footprint code. Please accept our apologies for the delay. We at Wizcode hope you won’t be disappointed by our decision.


Wizcode PhotoVue beta delayed postponed for June 15th

by on Jun 08

Wizcode PhotoVueGreetings,

The beta testing for Wizocode PhotoVue will be delayed by a week and will start on June 15th. The reason for the delay is the new user interface module with transparency and alpha support that we will be adding to the viewer. Beta application period is extended until June 15th as well. All beta testers are welcome!


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