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Technical talk about Wizcode projects and software - product features, updates, change logs, and mobile development

Wizcode’s Evolution framework announced

by on Sep 18

Wizcode Evolution frameworkDear Wizcode fans,


As you have probably already guessed we at Wizcode have been quite busy during the last few months. It is time to reveal our secret project. Our new framework of code is finally out! Meet Wizcode's Evolution framework and prepare for our new product line.


As developers we always tend to write code that is robust and easy to maintain, contains fewer bugs and can be easily upgraded with new features without being written from scratch. During the last 5 years we've written lot's of code. Although our code was very good (and when I'm telling you that you should know that I've seen lot's of code) we knew we could make some classes better or redesign some of our components to make them more modular. So about a year ago we started major work on a huge internal project called "Evolution" that was about to lay the foundation of all our future products.


We postponed major releases of products like Pocket Mechanic Professional, Pocket Hack Master and Virtual Explorer and gave priority to "Evolution". With "Evolution" we can now make things that would have taken us weeks of development before. Our updated product line will be based on the new framework.


Now let me give you a short overview of Wizcode's "Evolution" framework.



Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper preliminary screenshots

by Anton Tomov on Dec 07

Wizcode Upkeeper screenshotsGreetings,

For those of you who are interested in the development progress of Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper - the ultimate zero-configuration maintenance product, we are happy to share a few preliminary screenshots of the product with you.

The beta will be released before Christmas.



Unload file parser implementation

by on Jun 05

Unload file parser implementationWe are ready with the implementation of our new Windows CE .unload file parser code that allows us to handle the installation information from the Windows CE application manager.


New registry cleanup code

by on Jun 04

New registry cleanup codeWe have implemented the next generation Registry cleanup code for Windows Mobile devices to replace the current Pocket Mechanic Professional Registry cleanup module.


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