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Technical talk about Wizcode projects and software - product features, updates, change logs, and mobile development

First Wizcode Cleanup Mobile screenshots!

by on May 07

Below are some preliminary screenshots from our upcoming new product - Wizcode Cleanup Mobile!

More to follow shortly.


Junk scan wizard



Wizcode Cleanup Mobile discussion

by Anton Tomov on Apr 23


Wizcode Cleanup MobileOur development team is almost ready to release a beta version of a new product called Wizcode Cleanup Mobile. The small application for Windows Mobile is an advanced junk cleaner that is able to quickly scan the device to find various system junk objects and optionally clean them.

One of the unique new features of Cleanup Mobile is the ability to reverse any of the cleanup sessions in case anything goes wrong.

Cleanup mobile will detect junk in:

  • The file system
  • The registry
  • The notification queue
  • Outlook contacts, appointments and tasks

Wizcode cleanup mobile will be released for both the Pocket PC and the Smartphone platforms.

In the meanwhile, before we release the beta - if you have any ideas or suggestions for the product please let us know! To do that, post in this thread or use the "Feedback" tab to the right to send us your comments. Help us create a better product - together!

Wizcode Pocket Mechanic Professional v3 announced

by on Apr 06

Pocket Mechanic Professional 2009 by WizcodeApril 6th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC announced work in progress on a brand new version of Pocket Mechanic Professional, company's best selling software for Windows Mobile devices and winner of the SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine's Best Software Awards 2008.


Pocket Mechanic Professional v3 is a new product based on several Wizcode projects - Evolution, Phoenix, and FATFS and including most of the system tools available in Pocket Mechanic Professional v2 but also adding new and unique features and a brand new and improved user interface. The product also focuses on safety and stability as well by allowing users to "undo" the changes they've made using it. The first beta version of Pocket Mechanic Professional v3 is scheduled to be released no later than early June.

Pocket Hack Master v5 - work in progress announced

by on Apr 02

Wizcode announces Pocket Hack Master v5April 2nd, 2009 - Wizcode LLC is working on a brand new version of Pocket Hack Master, the best selling Windows Mobile speed boosting/performance optimization utility and winner of the SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine's Best Software Awards 2008.


The new product has plugin-oriented architecture that consists of the core Pocket Hack Master engine and a number of plugins providing low-level control for the different processors supported. The main advantage of the new architecture is the possibility to support many different CPUs and still keep the product stable and maintainable. Currently the major challenge standing in front of Wizcode's development team is adding support for the new unsupported processors like the PXA310 and the Qualcomm MS7200. Having a modular structure is the first step in making Pocket Hack Master support the new chips.


The expected beta release for the new product will be no later than July 2009. Wizcode will release a SmartPhone version of Pocket Hack Master v5 as well.


In the meanwhile any suggestions of feature requests will be very welcome by our team. Do not hesitate to send us a message!

Wizcode announces Defragment Mobile beta

by Anton Tomov on Feb 18

Wizcode Defragment MobileFebruary 18th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC announced the public beta of Wizcode Defragment Mobile, storage card and RAM defragmenter and optimizer for Windows Mobile.


Wizcode Defragment Mobile can defragment files and folders on the storage card of your Windows Mobile device and optimize folder performance by re-sorting the directory entries of each folder. You will notice dramatically increased perfomance especially in applications that list a large number of files like file explorers, image viewers etc. Zero fragmentation is also essential for any data recovery procedures you may attempt


The new Defragment Mobile is based on previously announced Evolution framework and the Wizcode FATFS library.



Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta released

by Anton Tomov on Feb 06

Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta screenshotGreetings,


The long awaited update of Virtual Explorer is to be released in the next few days.


Virtual Explorer has not been updated since almost twelve months. The main reason for that was the complexity of the project - as soon as we released the first version we realized we need to dramatically change the architecture of the application in order to support all the new features we wanted to include like FTP support, document previews, thumbnails, built-in editors etc.


The development team started work on Virtual Explorer 2 a few months ago. We expect to start early alpha testing in Q2 2008. In the meanwhile we took some of the code written for Virtual Explorer 2 and used it to improve the first Virtual Explorer. I hope you will find the new version 1.20 much more stable and will enjoy the little improvements that we have added.







Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 2 released

by Anton Tomov on Jan 11

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ RC2Greetings, 

We have a fresh new build (RC2) of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 OS!

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 2 can be downloaded here. Let us know what you think.

Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper preliminary screenshots

by Anton Tomov on Dec 07

Wizcode Upkeeper screenshotsGreetings,

For those of you who are interested in the development progress of Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper - the ultimate zero-configuration maintenance product, we are happy to share a few preliminary screenshots of the product with you.

The beta will be released before Christmas.



Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 RC1 change log

by on Nov 21

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 by WizcodeJournal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 RC1 change log:

  • Added News caching
  • Fixed: ZIP code control when entering the home city
  • Up-down icons now cycle through all available news sources
  • Fixed: Application title and icon
  • Fixed: Exchange rate display not showing properly
  • Fixed: Time in Stocks now not showing properly
  • Fixed: New data message when the application is not active
  • Added consistent methods for enabling/disabling options for News, Stocks, Weather
  • Fixed: Bug when adding a second city
  • Fixed: "Last updated" field in Weather not updating properly
  • Added location time and time zone conversion

Work in progress:

  • Double buffering to avoid screen flickering

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ3 Release Candidate 1 can be downloaded here.

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 alpha updated

by on Sep 16

Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 beta announcementGreetings,
We have a new build of Journal Bar for Symbian UIQ 3 available. The new build can be downloaded here.

Below is the list of changes in the new build:


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