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Technical talk about Wizcode projects and software - product features, updates, change logs, and mobile development

Pocket Hack Master v5 - work in progress announced

by on Apr 02

Wizcode announces Pocket Hack Master v5April 2nd, 2009 - Wizcode LLC is working on a brand new version of Pocket Hack Master, the best selling Windows Mobile speed boosting/performance optimization utility and winner of the SmartPhone and PocketPC Magazine's Best Software Awards 2008.


The new product has plugin-oriented architecture that consists of the core Pocket Hack Master engine and a number of plugins providing low-level control for the different processors supported. The main advantage of the new architecture is the possibility to support many different CPUs and still keep the product stable and maintainable. Currently the major challenge standing in front of Wizcode's development team is adding support for the new unsupported processors like the PXA310 and the Qualcomm MS7200. Having a modular structure is the first step in making Pocket Hack Master support the new chips.


The expected beta release for the new product will be no later than July 2009. Wizcode will release a SmartPhone version of Pocket Hack Master v5 as well.


In the meanwhile any suggestions of feature requests will be very welcome by our team. Do not hesitate to send us a message!

Pocket Mechanic Professional, Pocket Hack Master and Virtual Explorer updated

by Anton Tomov on Oct 20

October 20th, 2008 - Wizcode LLC announced new updated versions of Pocket Mechanic Professional (v2.97), Pocket Hack Master (v4.36)  and Virtual Explorer (v1.52) today. The new updates add support for several new display resolutions including 320x320, 240x400, 400x240, 480x800, and 800x400.


Registered users are encouraged to download and update their existing installations. Upgrades are free for registered users.



Pocket Hack Master v4.35 change log

by on Sep 24

Pocket Hack Master - speed up your Pocket PC, overclock your Windows Mobile deviceSeptember 24th, 2008 - Wizcode LLC announced today a new update to Pocket Hack Master - the advanced CPU scaling and battery optimizer utility for Windows Mobile devices, and winner of the SmartPhone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007.

This new update adds compatibility with previoisly unsupported screen resolutions like the 320x320, 240x400 and the 400x240 display sizes. It also fixes a number of previously reported user interface issues like missing/incorrectly positioned dialog controls, button backgrounds not matching button icons etc.


Below is the full change log for this release:


  • Added: 320x320 screen resolution support
  • Added: 240x400 and 400x240 screen resolution support
  • Added: Generic mode for unsupported screen sizes (defaults to square 240x240)
  • Fixed: Button background colors on Winwdows Mobile 5 and above
  • Fixed: Dialog dynamic control repositioning when using non-standard system fonts
  • Code cleanup and optimizations


Pocket Hack Master v4.30 change log

by Anton Tomov on Nov 20

Pocket Hack Master v4.30 change logVersion 4.30 of Pocket Hack Master adds official support for mobile devices using the Samsung S3C2442B processor. Other minor changes include a GDI-related leak fix, proper identification of the S3C2442A processor (previously identitifed as S3C2442X) and new interfaces that will help for adding support for the Qualcomm 7200 chipset in the future releases.

The new release can be downloaded from our servers.

Pocket Hack Master v4.20 change log

by Anton Tomov on Sep 26

Pocket Hack Master v4.20 change logPocket Hack Master v4.20 is finally out! This is a major new release that adds official support for Windows Mobile 6 devices, a different build for Windows Mobile 2003 devices, and a new build of Pocket PC (Windows CE 3.0) devices. Many issues were fixed which could affect the stability of the product.

The new Pocket Hack Master can be downloaded from our server


Post your working Pocket Hack Master settings

by Anton Tomov on Aug 26

Pocket Hack Master speed configurationIf you wish to help our development team build a better Pocket Hack Master v5 you can do it by posting your working Pocket Hack Master v4 speed settings in the following format:

  • Device model and revision
  • OS version
  • Speed setting (as it is seen in the Speed configuration module of Pocket Hack Master) + comments

For example:

Device: HP iPAQ h4705

OS: WM2003SE

624MHz CPU, 208MHz bus, 104Mhz RAM, 104MHz LCD, T

520MHz CPU, 208MHz bus, 104Mhz RAM, 104MHz LCD, T

Thank you for helping us build a better product! 


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