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Download Wizcode Unformat Beta and win a free license

by on Jun 24

Wizcode Unformat Mobile BetaJune 24th, 2009 - Wizcode LLC released the first public beta version of Wizcode Unformat Mobile.

Unformat Mobile is a data recovery product for Windows Mobile that uses file header recognition deep scan techniques to recover data from storage cards. Read the full press release here.

The beta can be downloaded from Wizcode's server:

To install the beta please download the corresponding .CAB file to your device and start it using the file explorer. After the installation is finished navigate to your Programs folder (tap Start Menu->Programs) and find the application icon. Tap the icon to start Unformat Mobile.

To recover data from a storage card launch the application, choose Unformat and select the storare card you wish to recover from. Wait for the application to scan the entire card. This is a slow process because it has to read every single sector from the card and examine the data from it. Please note that even if you stop the scanning process the application will still attempt to recover the data from the sectors read.

After the scan is complete you will see a list of potential recovery candidates (files). Select the ones you wish to recover and tap 'Next'. You will be asked for a location where to store the rescued files (they cannot be saved on the same card). Wait for the recovery to complete.

We would like to propose a small giveaway of 5 licenses for the application to anybody who actually tried Unformat Mobile and was able to recover files from his card.  Try scanning an old and even a formatted storage cards - you will be surprised at the amount of info Unformat Mobile will be able to get back. Post your comments here and we will randomly pick 5 users for the contest.

Good luck!

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