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Server issues

by Anton Tomov on Aug 24

I regret to inform our customers that we are currently having issues with the reverse DNS lookups for our domains. The issue was introduced a few days ago but we discovered it just yesterday. Currently we are still waiting for a resolution from our data center who's responsibity is to update and fix the broken PTR records in the master DNS servers. The problem affects mostly email communication as most SMTP servers reject our emails when they are unable to reverse lookup our IP address. If you have sent us an email and haven't received a response please either use the trouble ticket system or try again in 24 hours.

I will post and update once the problem gets fixed (hopefully in the next few hours).

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Server email issues resolved

by on Oct 28

The team fixed the reverse DNS lookup issue that was preventing some of our emails from reaching certain email servers that were reverse checking our IP address. Unfortunately during the update one of the server side modules that handles email communication was corrupted. This caused some activation emails sent during last week to bounce back. We fixed the issue and are in the process of manually reviewing all orders made in the period affected by the issue. We will contact every customer to make sure they received their activation emails and license keys. Wizcode appologizes for any inconvenience caused by that.

P.S. We also fixed the site RSS emissions - all feeds are now up and working!

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Recently updated products icons

by Anton Tomov on Sep 29


We added a nice new feature to the product list on our site - recently updated products now have a special icon in front of their names. The icon appears only if the product has been updated in the last 15 days. This allows our site visitors to quickly check if they missed any product updates.

New updated products icons 


I hope you will like this small new improvement smile

Anton Tomov

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